Motor bridge construction over Daina River in Samtse to start soon

Motor bridge construction over Daina River in Samtse to start soon

Kidsa Chiwog under Norbugang (Chengmari) gewog in Samtse will see a bailey bridge across the Daina River soon. A much awaited project for more than four villages, the bridge will connect these villages with the road during summer. 

The bridge was promised during the current government’s political campaign in September last year. Lyonchhen Dr. Lotay Tshering, the then President of Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa had assured that a bridge would be built connecting the chiwog if the party came to power.

Nu 14.7mn has been allocated for the construction of the 135-m long bailey bridge over the river. Norbugang Gup, Kinga Norbu said that the work is currently tendered by the dzongkhag administration and is expected to start by November this year. The respective Member of Parliaments have assured to arrange funds if insufficient.     

Norbugang Gup said that the bridge has become important for the chiwog as the swollen river during monsoon blocks the roads and also poses risks to the villagers travelling for work outside. Currently, people use a suspension bridge to cross the river. The village remains disconnected for more than half the year without bridge.

Kidsa’s Chiwog Tshogpa echoed the Gup saying, the people have been suffering without a motor bridge across the river and they remain isolated by two rivers, Daina and Deepu during monsoon. It poses challenges particularly during emergencies like health treatments and transporting essential commodities. “It is good news for the people. There is no access to roads for more than six months and the vehicles remain blocked,” said Amber Singh Ghalley.

The bridge would benefit 150 households in the chiwog having a population of more than 1,000. There are five vehicles in the village which provides transportation service to the villagers which are parked near the river and Chengmari town. Also, Tshogpa said that more vehicles would be bought if the bridge is complete.

The villagers had asked for the bridge during Dr. Lotay Tshering’s visit to the dzongkhag as President of the party during election campaign last year.     

Phuentshopelri-Samtse’s Member of Parliament, Ganesh Ghimiray said that the need for a bridge was felt necessary by the government and it is a priority. “The people will be benefitted immensely. They are in need of the bridge and it’s our responsibility to provide,” he said.

The villagers cultivate vegetables, oranges and cardamom and the bridge would help them to reach their produce to the market easily.

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Krishna Ghalley from Samtse