Mobile taxi app service launched

Oie officially launched its mobile taxi app service in Thimphu yesterday responding to the demand for taxi service, which facilitates commuters to request transport to or from their chosen destination points through the use of their mobile platform.

The company, DrukSmart who are implementers of Oie mobile app launched the online taxi booking mobile application in both the platforms- iOS and Android.

For the initial phase of the operations, DrukSmart will be covering Thimphu and Paro drivers. Within the next three months all the critical cities of Bhutan will be covered. Meanwhile passengers from all across Bhutan can book a taxi using the application in case any registered drivers are nearby.

Company founder and director Pema Tshering said “Oie is expected to be the first practically effective app of its kind in Bhutan. It will enable a convenient, reliable door-to-door taxi facility.”

He further stated that harnessing the accessibility of mobile technologies and 100% connectivity in Bhutan, Oie comes at an opportune time for Bhutanese people to acquire the comfort of mobile technologies like most other places in the world.”

Oie is beneficial to both customers and taxi drivers. Oie enables taxi drivers to increase their income substantially. An immediately accessible database of driver profiles ensures credibility and safety. The app also cuts short waiting time for both parties and enables travel at odd times and also to relatively inaccessible locations.

Oie is also providing internet to all Oie Taxis so that the driver remains connected at all times and also passengers can hop in and can take advantage of hotspot from the driver’s mobile phone. This is a big convenience in case any passenger is low on data, while, it is a boon to a tourist who can immediately inform their loved ones abroad on reaching the airport while on their way to their hotel. This facility comes without any extra charges from Oie.

Phub Tshering, advisor to DrukSmart, emphasized that the app allows conservation of fossil fuel as taxis no longer have to drive around the city to look for customers, which estimates say lead to as much as 40% waste of fuel. “This will add to environment preservation an essential value addition if all taxis in the country adopt a system like Oie.”

Pema Seldon from Thimphu