1. Grammar

Almost every aspect of grammar. But the most important ones(from examination point of view) are:

  1. Tenses
  2. Voices
  3. Direct and Indirect Speeches

When you refer to former questions, you will come to know what type of grammar questions are repeatedly asked.

  1. Vocabulary

Reading is the only way to improve this aspect.

Go through the above cited websites to do so.(Indiabix, McKensey).

  1. Comprehension
  2. Two different ways to handle comprehensions.
  3. If the passage is long, after every paragraph, write in your own words the meaning of the paragraphs.
  4. Questions asked are usually in a sequence – first question will be from first paragraph (99%).
  5. No room for you to include your views unless asked.
  6. Always paraphrase – never copy directly from the passage.
  7. Use “Voices,” “Tenses” and others in paraphrasing.

Buisness writing and others


  1. Business and formal writing
  1. Report writing

You are never there in a report. You are writing it.

Types of Report – Newspaper reports and others.

Use the Four Ws and the 1 H.  


  • Title – Short – Keep a line
  • By/Author – Keep a line
  • Place
  • Date – not compulsary
  • Body – Maintain introduction, body and conclusion   

45th Desuung passing out day

By Karma Tashi

Mongaar, June 21 : On 19 June, 2021, the passing out parade for the 45th Desuung trainees was held at Gyelpoishing.

It was graced by His Royal Highness (HRH) Prince Jigme Dorji Wangchuck. HRH congratulated the 2000 desuups and spoke about their roles in nation building. HRH also mentioned about significant challenges confronted by the country……………………………………………………………..

  • Short essay writingTitle – Keep a lineIntroduction – Thesis StatementBodyConclusionContinuity and the use of connecting words like : however, further, additionally, moreover and others.

The joys of reading

There are different ways in which people spend their leisure time. One of the most common one is reading, which relaxes people, calms and teaches them, and in some cases functions like a sleeping pill. (You have given the thesis statement – just elaborate in the body)

  • Note taking and Summary writing
  • Shorthand, abbreviations, symbols, and your own ways
  • Heading
  • Sub-heading
  • Points
  • Subpoints
  • Key – Mention the full forms of abbreviations, symbols and others used
  • Use of Roman letters
  • Summary – 25% of the original article
  • Liberty to start from end or beginning
  • Do not repeat
  • Take away unnecessary points
  • Precise and Concise


Politics in Bhutan

  1. Politics defined
    1. Orgn defi”
    1. Ltin
    1. Frch
  2. Bhutanese politics
  3. History
    1. Guru’s and Zdrung
    1. Mdrn –cons. Dem.
    1. Ftr – diff


Orgn- Origin


Ltin – Latin


Mdrn –modern

cons. Dem.- Constitutional democracy

Ftr – Future

diff – different

  • Summary Writing

Politics is derived from latin and french words and refer to the participation of people. Bhutanese politics date back to the times of Guru Padmasambhava and Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel. Today, Bhutan is a constitutional democratic country. In future, Bhutanese democracy will take a different shape.

  • Preci Writing

Similar to summary writing; difference is only in order/sequence

Length – 1/3rd of the original article/essay

Write in past tense and third person

The third-person pronouns include he, him, his, himself, she, her, hers, herself, it, its, itself, they, them, their, theirs, and themselves

If sentences in the essay/write-up given are short, join them and summarize.

  • Formal letter writing
  • Structure
  • Different types of letters – letters of inquiry, letters of order and others
  • Your address – leave a line (No punctuations)
  • Date-leave a line (No punctuations)
  • Address of recepient-leave a line (No punctuations)
  • Salutation – Use a comma (Leave a line)
  • Subject – No punctuations (Leave a line)
  • Body – Leave a line
  • Complimentary close – Yours truly, (Leave enough space to sign)
  • Signature
  • Brief Address (Your designation as you don’t’s mention above and Telephone No and Email address)

Examples – Enquiry letters

Sherubtse College

Kanglung, Trashigang


21 July, 2021

Ms. Suresh Hardware

Shop No 9

Samdrup Jongkhar


Dear Mr. Suresh,

Sub: Enquiry on supply of plates

In Kuensel dated 19 June, 2021, we saw an advertisment from your reputed firm about the bulk sale of steel plates. In this connection, we would appreciate if the following details can be provided:

  1. Sizes available
  2. Rate per plate
  3. Discounts if any
  4. Mode of payment

As the college wants to procure the plates at the earliest possible, a quick response from your end would be valued.

Yours truly,

Mr. Karma Jigme

Procurement Officer

Sherubtse College

Order letter

Sherubtse College

Kanglung, Trashigang


21 August, 2021

Ms. Suresh Hardware

Shop No 9

Samdrup Jongkhar


Dear Mr. Suresh,

Sub: Order for plates

In response to the letter we received from you, we are pleased to inform you that the college has decided to procure 1,000 numbers of 5×6 steel plates from your firm.

However, due to the rules of procurement which you must be familiar with, we can make the payments two weeks after you deliver the goods. Further, the plates have to reach the college within two weeks.

An immediate reply from your side on the possibilities of the above cited conditions would be valued.

Yours truly,

Mr. Karma Jigme

Procurement Officer

Sherubtse College

  • Formal Emails
    • From: Name of person sending the mail- Keep a line
    • To: Name of recipient – keep a line
    • Cc: Carbon copy – keep a line
    •  Bcc: Blank carbon copy
    • Subject: state it clearly and concisely – keep a line
    • Salutation: Dear Sir/ Madam/ Dear Mr. Gupta – keep a line
    • Body: contains main content of the mail
    • Attachments: give a list of documents attached- keep a line
    • Signature Line: Name and designation of sender. Include address and telephone contact numbers


From: Mr. Karma Jigme

To: Mr. Suresh Chand

CC/Bcc: Mr. Dorji Wangchuk, Mr. Karma Tashi

Subject: Enquiry on plates’ supply

Dear Mr. Suresh,

In Kuensel dated 19 June, 2021, we saw an advertisment from your reputed firm about the bulk sale of steel plates. The College is interested to procure plates. Thus, we would appreciate if you could give us some extra details. The required details are attached for your kind perusal.

As the college wants to procure the plates at the earliest possible, a quick response from your end would be valued.

Yours truly,

Mr. Karma Jigme

Procurement Officer

Sherubtse College

Telephone No: 17879834

  • Writing Circulars
  • Circular No – Left
  • Date – Right – Keep a line
  • Title/Purpose ( underline)– Keep a line
  • To whom is it addressed – Keep a line
  • Body – Keep a line
  • Who is issuing the circular

Circular No. XXI 7 December, 2021

Winter working timing changes

To all employees

This is to inform all concerned employees that the Ministry will no longer be following the winter working timing as in the past with effect from 31 December, 2021. A study by the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) has found out that 90 percent of all civil servants stay in the office till 1700 hours even during winter. Thus, the RCSC has made it mandatory that all civil servants have to stay in the office till 1700 hours.

This is for strict compliance and administrative actions will be taken against those not following the above rules.

Karma Tempa

Administrative Officer

  1. Office MemosAddress – in the middle – Keep a lineMention the memo (Underline) – Keep a lineDate – Keep a lineToFromReference Number – Keep a lineSubject – Keep a lineBody

ABC Technopolis Ltd.

65, Nehru Nagar, New Delhi

Interoffice Memo

Date : 25 July, 2016

To : Office Manager

From : Mr. Ashok Reddy, Purchase Officer

Reference : 216/BM

Subject : Purchase of Office furniture



  Anti Corruption Commission (ACC)

                                Kawajangsa, Thimphu


                                                      Intra-ministerial Memo

23 August, 2021

To: Secretaries, Ministry of Health (MoH) and Ministry of Education (MoE)

From: Chairperson, ACC

Reference: 2021/12

Subject: Non-compliance with ACC Act, 2008

This memo is to inform the Honourable Secretaries that an investigation by the ACC has revealed huge lapses in your ministries concerning procurement from third countries. As you are aware, as per Article 7, Section 9 of the ACC Act 2008, any government material procured from third countries should be routed through the Bhutanese Embassy in New Delhi, India.

However, the ACC has found out that the MoH and MoE has not done this during this financial year. As per the ACC Act, the two ministries are required to submit a written explanation within 19 days after receiving this memo.

The ACC looks forward to cooperation from your end for transparency and accountability in governance.