June sees 2,345 transport infringements

June sees 2,345 transport infringements

The number of traffic violators has decreased in June 2020 compared to June last year. This year, in June, Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) reported 2,345 transport infringements and collected fines amounting to Nu 2,623,450.

Compared to 2019, fines imposed for traffic violation decreased from Nu 3,052,150. The number of traffic infringements reported last month has decreased by 670 compared to June last year.

According to the RBP, traffic violation against others was highest at 498, second highest was unlicensed driving with 370 and parking violations with 264. The lowest traffic violation was for speeding and no fitness paper with one, unsafe U-turn with two violators, and reversing the vehicle in unsafe manner with three violators was fined.

The top five traffic offenses for the month of June are unlicensed driving, parking violations, drink driving, and lighting systems. Drink driving decreased from 289 in June 2019 to 137 in June this year. However, unlicensed driving has increased to 370 from 237 June last year. 

In 2019, June h saw 716 traffic violations against others and 677 in parking violations.

Superintendent of Police (SP), traffic division, Namgay said that the number of traffic violations has decreased because of the COVID-19 pandemic where the closure of bars, drayangs, hotels, and other entertainment hubs were made to close early and also due to less vehicle movement in the area.

Among the districts, the highest traffic violators are usually recorded in Thimphu. The cases in the capital have reduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the closure of entertainment hubs and bars.

SP Namgay said that traffic inspections were carried out around Thimphu and Dochula for the public safety and property and due to increased inspections more people were caught driving without license.

The number of drink driving has decreased this year, “It could be due to early closure of parties, entertainment pubs and movement restriction in the country.”

For drivers in the country, Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA) has launched mRSTA mobile application. The application has been developed to enable the production of required documents such as driving license, vehicle registration certificate, roadworthiness certificate, and other relevant documents.

SP said that the mRSTA will help everyone to keep mandatory documents handy while driving, “The app will help in hassle-free driving.”

pic courtesy: bbs

Sonam Tashi from Thimphu