Jigmeling Industrial Estate nears completion

Work on site development at Jigmeling Industrial Estate is nearing completion. The office, boundary walls and the security quarters are complete. Almost 50% of the estate is complete so far.                      Jigmeling Industrial Park in Sarpang has an area of 727 acres and is located in Jigmeling, Sarpang. It is about 2.5 km north of Indo-Bhutan international boundary and 9 km and 12 km to the west of Gelephu airport and Gelephu town respectively.

      Around 80% of primary road entering the estate is complete. Of four, the department of Industry is constructing two. All four will be developed but for the other two which fall under private individuals, the department is negotiating with the plot owners, according to the Project Engineer at site. The department will widen the entry road which was initially developed by Bhutan Power Corporation (BPC) during installation of power grid for the estate.

      BPC will also start working on installing a substation for the estate. The power will be supplied from an already installed substation nearby. The department had giventhe deposit work to BPC. The service duct from where the electricity cable will run will also be constructed alongside the secondary. Two parallel service ducts will be constructed alongside each road to cater to the industrial plants of both sides of the road. The secondary roads which connect to the developed plots are also under construction. “The capacity of the transformer will be installed as per the industries requirement,”Kushyog Subba, the Project Engineer said. He said that work to install cables will be outsourced to private contractors. The drainage system will also be constructed together with the road.

      Eighty percent of work on water supply is also complete till now. Six reservoir tanks for industrial use and two for drinking purposes are also installed in the estate. The water will be channeled from the Bhur Khola few kilometers from the estate. However, the distribution has not been done. The work on distribution to the respective plots will also be outsourced to private contractors.

      The works on water supply is expected to complete this year and road connectivity work will be complete by 2021. The proponents meanwhile can start the construction of the structures once they receive final allotment before completing primary infrastructure at the estate.

      So far, the DoI has received 65 proposals but has given provisional approval to 45 applicants. The proponent has to obtain clearance from National Environment Commission and trade licenses within six months. Then the department will then provide final allotment order after which the proponents can start construction within the next six months.  

      The department started providing provisional allotment in November last year. So far only three medium industries have submitted the final proposal to the department.

      The area of the plot depends upon the need of the proponent according to the official at the department, Suk Kumar Gurung, Executive Engineer of DoI said.

      The department has earmarked 144 acres for mineral based, 153 acres for agro-based industries and 135 acres for forest based industries. There will also be service based industries.

Krishna Ghalley from Jigmeling, Gelephu