Inter-linkage to foster growth

Inter-linkage to foster growth

A significant project that strives to bridge the gap between community voices and policy-making by strengthening connections between key stakeholders, ‘Voice for Green Change Partnership’ (V4GCP) was launched on Thursday in Thimphu.

The V4GCP three year long project will undertake to improve Cottage and Small Industries (CSI)/ Small and Medium Enterprise (SME)/ Civil Society Organizations’ (CSOs) service delivery to voice concerns of local producers, communities and supporting a local thriving green economy through capacity building and capacity strengthening.

The Head of Cooperation of the European Union (EU) to India and Bhutan, Franck Viault presented on how to achieve the project. “The cross-cutting three approach method in the project will leverage existing gender policies to not only avoid harm but actively promote equity and empowerment as it fosters a culture of inclusivity where everyone can reach their full potential,” he said.

Frank added that the thriving green economy approach will social domain that reflect human development needs, alongside the focus on biophysical boundaries incorporation, “Through its inclusive cycle, this project will ensure the marginalized speak for themselves, shaping the very policies and budgets that impact their lives.”.

Executive Director of the Handicraft Association of Bhutan (HAB), Chorten Dorji said that this project will advocate in active participation in transformative engagement bridging the gap between community voices and policy decisions, leading to more effective measures for CSI/SMEs. “The overall objective of this project is to transition to a more sustainable, inclusive and resilient economy by facilitating civic engagement and sustainable production.”

Similarly, the project manager, Khampa, explained the activity cluster of the project plans for the three year. “We will review existing policies, rules and regulations, study the existing platforms for CSI/SME-CSO engagement and invite parliament committees to review the CSOs participation in decision-making processes, and consecutively implement strategies to strengthen the existing platforms.”

Dechen Choden from Thimphu