In Gratitude 

Offering personal, the government, and the people’s gratitude to His Majesty the King, in his State of the Nation Report, Prime Minister (PM) Dasho Dr. Lotay Tshering said that throughout his life, and in the lives of thousands around the world, His Majesty is the ultimate source that shines the light of inspiration and wisdom. “It is the same light we seek during the times of adversity. And we brim with faith and pride to claim a leadership that is so rare, our own. Among many extraordinary traits, Your Majesty is a true embodiment of compassion. While the fact prevails in all spheres of our lives always, I have had the honor and privilege to witness Your Majesty’s strength and fortitude first-hand,” the PM said.

The PM said that when COVID-19 caused turmoil, His Majesty steered the nation out of the pandemic, ensuring minimal loss to life and livelihood. He said that had it not been for His Majesty’s direct involvement and demonstration of a deep sense of empathy, Bhutan would not have come out as victorious today. “It is easy to overlook, but the fact that we are alive with our loved ones today, in peace and harmony, is all thanks to Your Majesty,” the PM said, adding that when natural disasters in the form of landslides and swollen rivers resulting from torrential downpour in summer this year and the past year claimed the precious lives of our fellow Bhutanese, His Majesty was the first to provide aid and support to the affected families.

Speaking about the Ungar tragedy, the PM said that while no amount of condolences can fully compensate for the profound loss of lives, the mere presence of His Majesty offered solidarity to the affected family members as they tried to overcome their grief.

“In recent months, Your Majesty has extensively traveled to various parts of the world, connecting and meeting with Bhutanese citizens residing abroad. Your Majesty graciously granted audiences to numerous such groups, while showering them with ample motivation to diligently work and support their families back home,” the PM underlined, saying what remains is the ceaseless spirit of unity and solidarity among the Bhutanese overseas as His Majesty travels past.

“We are at a critical cusp as a nation. Your Majesty reminded us that there will not be any more opportunities hereafter. The national transformation initiatives would not have received the impetus if not for Your Majesty’s persistent call for change and improvement,” the PM added.

Speaking about the Gyalsung program, the PM said that it has always been an honour for the DNT government for historic initiatives happening during their tenure.  “One such is the Gyalsung and we are ecstatic that the registrations for the first batch of Gyalsung started this month on 9 October. 338 individuals with 177 of them being girls have registered for the program right after its launch and included those living abroad. We have always believed that our youth are our future, and with Gyalsung, we remain assured that our Gyalsars will shape and secure our future. They will be empowered to become responsible and productive citizens dedicated to serving our beloved country, which we proudly call home,” the PM said. 

The PM further conveyed gratitude to His Majesty for the pivotal role in facilitating this deployment of the NNPK. “It is thanks to Your Majesty’s leadership that Bhutan embarked on UNPK participation, making a striking difference the world over. In November 2022, Bhutan’s first UNPK Contingent was deployed to the CAR. Your Majesty, accompanied by Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen, gracing the departure ceremony at Paro International Airport was a memorable event,” the PM said. 

The PM also underscored that due to His Majesty, every Bhutanese citizen is entitled to live and work on equal footing. “Your Majesty tirelessly worked to pave the way for our beloved country’s progress. Your invaluable contributions to our homeland and her people in Your glorious reign have far surpassed any good deeds or merits we, as Bhutanese citizens, could ever hope to accumulate in our collective lifetimes,” the PM said. He added that today, “Bhutanese people, no matter where they are, stand tall because each and every one of us has had the privilege of calling ourselves Your loyal subjects.” “And we will never forget that Your Majesty has piled efforts upon efforts to chart this path for our beloved country. We consider ourselves fortunate to have been born in Bhutan during Your reign and to witness the extraordinary leadership and blessings from it,” the PM said.

Sherab Dorji from Thimphu