“I haven’t changed,”PM

“I haven’t changed,”PM

PM says that he has had no reason to change and that he has learned a lot from His Majesty

In the last Meet the Press session with the Bhutanese media on 27th October, 2023, Prime Minister (PM) Dasho Dr. Lotay Tshering said that he is still the Dr. Lotay who contested for the elections in 2018 and the title of Prime Minister and honour of the title Dasho has not changed him.

However, he said that he has progressed and learned a lot, having had the opportunity to serve directly under His Majesty the King. One of the lessons he learned, according to the PM, is the attributes a human being should have to succeed. “A person should have foresight and wisdom; intellectual ability and competency and authority,” the PM said, adding that he saw these attributes in His Majesty the King.

Further, he maintained that what he said and did in the last five years was based on his instinct to uphold the institution of democracy and to benefit the country at large. Although there were brief appraisals from certain sections, from time to time, on certain issues that did not garner mass support, Lyonchhoen (PM) said that he always remained true to his morals.

PM said that while some have thanked him for his hard work, there are some who are not happy. “If the country has to be stable, the decision should make everyone happy but that cannot happen. If every individual has to be happy with the decision taken by the government, then they will not be able to fulfill the needs of the country. So, the government had to decide on the larger interests and implement it,” he added.

On personal grounds, the PM said he does not hold any grudges with anyone although he might have upset some people while performing his duties. “To that section, I submit my apologies because we did what we had to do without comprehending on the reactions,” he said, reflecting on the closure of Drayangs.  The PM also reflected on actions he had to take during the Pandemic. “Children were not allowed to perform the funeral rites of parents. Relatives were not allowed to meet the sick. I had to do it,” he said.

However, the PM insisted that Dr Lotay has not changed a bit and that there never came any situation that demanded to change him. ‘What and who you see today is the same Dr Lotay that you saw and understood five years ago.” If at all he wishes to compliment as a change, Lyonchhen said that the levels of knowledge and understanding in his brain have multiplied and broadened substantially.

Speaking about the Bhutanese populace, the PM said that Bhutanese have perseverance, resilience, and ability. He lauded the way in which everyone came together to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. “In my observance as a PM for five years, I have observed special makings in all Bhutanese,” the PM said, adding that the Bhutanese are naturally gifted, talented, religious, have strong social principles, and undying love for the King, people, and country.

“Being a Bhutanese is Bhutan’s real strength,” he highlighted during the 51st and the last meet-the-press session of the present government on Friday.

Stressing mostly on the COVID-19 period and the pandemic era, Lyonchhoen said that Bhutanese people stood firm and united during a period when the entire world was in chaos and utter dismay. “The fact that almost 90 percent of the entire population got vaccinated is a testimony that nothing can breach the resilience of Bhutanese spirit under any circumstances,” he added, reiterating that COVID-19 time was a difficult period in his entire tenure as the PM.

Moreover, he stated that Bhutan was among the top ones that managed the pandemic successfully and earned global recognition in combating COVID-19 with endless cooperation from the people.  Lyonchhoen stated, “We would have failed horribly in such difficult times if it weren’t for people like Bhutanese who have a firm belief in His Majesty’s leadership, wisdom and guidance.” 

“We have wise people  whom we can always count on,” he highlighted on the belief and faith he has for the people of Bhutan.

Tshering Yangzom & Sonam Yuden from Thimphu