Home delivery of LPG cylinders benefits Thimphu residents

Purchasing and refilling liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinder services are just a call away in Thimphu now. In the past, to get cylinders one had to stand in never-ending queues for hours before service providers’ outlets namely Tashi Commercial Corporation and Damchen Private Ltd but now, a home delivery service has made the task faster and easier.

Leki Khandu, the man behind Express Delivery Service, who runs the agency singlehandedly, delivers gas cylinders to all parts of Thimphu. The service has been running for more than a month now and its clientele exceeds 200 regular customers.

“I have received positive feedback from the public,” said Leki Khandu.

According to him, door to door delivery service has potential benefits in many ways.

“It saves time for office goers, reduces traffic congestion, helps elderly people and also reduces carbon emission,” he said.

Leki Khandu charges his customers depending on the location of the place. If the delivery is within the town area, he charges Nu 110 a cylinder and for the town outskirts like Hejo and Taba, he charges Nu 160 a cylinder.

Express Delivery Service has earned attention and appreciation from the public with Leki Khandu getting around seven to eight calls daily from Thimphu residents.

Pema Rinzin, a teacher from Taba, who avails the home delivery service, said that the service is helpful especially for a person like him who does not own a car.

“Earlier, I had to reserve a taxi to refill a single gas cylinder which was expensive but the home delivery service has made it cheaper for me.”

Like Pema Rinzin there are many other people who have benefited from the service.

Ugyen, an office goer, said: “As I have to go to office, it is difficult for me to make time to collect gas cylinders from service providers but this door to door service is of great help.”

Talking about his plans for the future, Leki Khandu said that he plans to extend his services to other dzongkhags as well.

“I also hope to provide employment opportunities through my agency,” he said.

Jigme Wangchen from Thimphu