His Majesty confers Lungmar to PM and Red Scarf to Health Minister, Land Secretary & Chief Election Commissioner

The Health Ministry and De-Suung were awarded the Druk Thuksey Medals for being instrumental in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic in the country

His Majesty The King conferred Lungmar Scarf to the Prime Minister, Dasho Dr Lotay Tshering, during the National Day celebration in Punakha on Thursday. The Lungmar Scarf was awarded for his unwavering effort and contribution in fighting the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic as the Prime Minister. Lyonchhen is also a recipient of the Druk Thuksey during the 110th National Day in Haa for his dedicated contributions in the medical field. Even before becoming the Prime Minister of Bhutan, Lyonchhen was well-known and appreciated as a capable doctor. As Prime Minister, he has worked tirelessly and with the greatest concern for the country during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Lungmar scarf was awarded to him in appreciation of his dedication and with the expectation that he would serve henceforth with greater devotion as Bhutan pursues tasks of national importance. Lyonchhen posted on his Facebook page: “As I bowed in gratitude and reverence to my guiding light, I held in my heart the names and faces of the people of this country. And together, we received the blessing and the humbling honor from His Majesty The King, this auspicious National Day.” Lyonchhen also thanked everybody for their prayers and kind wishes. “An honor of such noble approval came as a surprise. Far from comprehending whether I am deserving of such an accolade, I cannot call to mind a single word that pronounces the gratitude I feel for His Majesty, for the honor of such an occasion.” He also mentioned that he knew for certain that he could only express his gratitude by living every resolve and responsibility that comes with the award. “It only means that I have to make every minute, and not just hours, count.” “In living a life of purpose, it has been my sincere endeavor to give my best, in service of my King and the people. Of what little I know and am capable of, even if it means making a difference to one individual I come across, it has to be my duty.” Lyonchhen further stated that in governance, together with colleagues at the Cabinet and across all sectors and agencies, the intention is to make a collective effort for bigger, better impacts. “These special recognitions are a reminder that we should not digress from the reality. That we have our King to inspire and guide. That we have the love and support of the people of Bhutan to see us through the remaining years of governance, as well as for the remaining part of my life.” His Majesty also conferred the Red Scarf to Health Minister Dasho Dechen Wangmo in appreciation of her hardwork in combating the pandemic. The Red Scarf was conferred to the Health Minister in appreciation of the capable manner in which she performed her duties to safeguard the nation against COVID-19. Health Minister Dechen Wangmo said she is very privileged and emotional after receiving this special award. “I think more than anything, the significance of this award is to serve my country, duty towards the country and His Majesty’s trust.” She added that health has always been her passion. “I want to really chart reforms in the health services so that Bhutanese people can get quality health services free of cost in the country. I want to invest in building competency and capacity of the health workesr and building a very resilient health system.” His Majesty the King also awarded Druk Thuksey Medals to the Health Ministry and De-Suung in recognition of their extraordinary service in combating the COVID-19 pandemic in the nation. The two institutions have been instrumental in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic in the country. Similarly, His Majesty The King awarded the Red Ccarf to National Land Commission Secretary Dasho Pem Chewang and Chief Election Commissioner Dasho Sonam Topgay. The two recipients have been serving since the Reign of His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo, and have continued to serve with diligence throughout the 15 years of His Majesty’s Reign. The Bura Marp was conferred to them with the expectation that they would continue to serve henceforth with the greatest loyalty and dedication. Dasho Pem Chewang said the award is special to him because this is recognition for serving the nation and people with utmost responsibility. “I felt extremely happy receiving the Red Scarf because this reveals the trust and confidence that His Majesty has in me,” he said, adding that this special award is a call for him to further serve the people in the realization of His Majesty’s vision. Dasho Pem Chewang heads not only the National Land Commission but is also the Chairperson of the Eastern COVID-19 Task Force. He served as the Zimpon Wom in His Majesty’s Secretariat. Similarly, Dasho Sonam Topgay is currently serving as the Chief Election Commissioner and is also the Chairperson of the Southern COVID-19 Task Force. Dasho Sonam Topgay said that receiving the Red Scarf from His Majesty The King filled him with great sense of pride and achievement. “I think along with a humbling sense, a sense of duty has been put on me and I feel the weight of responsibility being placed on my shoulder,” he said adding that he renews his commitment to the Tsa-Wa-Sum. “While receiving the scarf, I pledged to myself that I would serve the Tsa-Wa-Sum to the best of my abilities, with utmost dedication, loyalty and integrity.” Meanwhile, both the recipients assured that with this special award, they would continue to serve henceforth with the greatest loyalty and dedication.

Dechen Dolker & Kinley Yonten