Govt. plans to relocate automobile workshops in Olakha

Works and human settlement minister Dorji Tshering was questioned on the repeated issue of increasing rents of automobile workshops at Olakha and the concern raised by the workshop owners that they might lose their business for not being able to pay rents during the press conference at the National Assembly conference hall in Thimphu yesterday.

The minister said the automobile workshop owners at Olakha had raised these issues to the previous government too, but no action had been taken. “The problem was raised due to not having agreement among them, when it was shifted from Changzamtok,” he added.

The minister said the government is trying to help both landlords and automobile workshop owners at Olakha by shifting it to a new place.

“The government has allocated a new place to build automobile workshops at Pamtsho. It is also private land and we are worried that the issue raised would be the same if we build automobile workshops,” he said.

He added that in Thimphu Thromde there is no proper land for automobile workshops. Before, the government had earmarked Pamtsho to build up new automobile workshops. “However, we have even decided to discuss this with landlords at Pamtsho.” “However, the government has not yet decided to build new automobile workshops. We are planning to discuss with landlords. If not, we are planning to reallocate the place,” the minister said.

Meanwhile, automobile workshop owners say rents should be raised according to the Tenancy Act.

pic courtesy: The Eastern Sun: PHOTO GALLERY

Kinley Yonten from Thimphu