Galore of pledges from Sarpang NC candidates

Galore of pledges from Sarpang NC candidates

For the public of Sarpang, the National Council candidates offered to ensure economic sustainability, reforms in education, curb nepotism and corruption, and resolve unemployment and human-wildlife conflict. Besides, candidates also said they would review policies and laws and address public issues.

Dechen Lhaden from Rijung under Umling Gewog, who served in Private and Corporate organizations prior to contesting for the NC seat, wants to represent Sarpang to serve the people with dedication and loyalty.

Her pledges include enhancing the quality of ongoing agro-based activities and streamlining income generation of every household through proper trading modalities.  She said a quality education system would benefit the people and the execution of all developmental activities will be ensured by resolving various adversaries or difficulties. 

She will also focus on addressing unemployment of youth in a manner to maximize their participation in the various developmental areas so that the youth are engaged meaningfully in her constituency, which would also reduce rural-urban migration. 

The candidates pledged to ensure proper telecommunication coverage even in the rural areas for better communication of the people.

“Further, I shall be maintaining utmost check and balance for women and child welfare and protection,” Dechen Lhaden emphasized.

Rajesh Rai, 51, from Yarpheling, under Senggey Gewog with Masters of Education served in the government for 23 years.

For equal study opportunities, such as those for class XII students and graduates, he wants to bring policy reform in education. In order to solve the shortage of teachers in schools, Rajesh Rai pointed out that the ministry of education should increase contract teacher’s enrollment in schools with a sustainable policy in place. He said he will emphasize on reducing the workload of teachers from 22 to18 hours per day and create a comfortable environment to handle their duties.

By voicing concerns of the people of Sarpang Dzongkhag, “if I am being elected as a member of NC, I will act as an agent of change between the people and the government” Rajesh Rai said.

Incumbent NC Member of Sarpang dzongkhag, Anand Rai, 39, with past five-year experience is recontesting for quicker deliberation of issues in the parliament.  He has Bachelors of Degree in History. 

The candidate pledged to emphasize the private sector development Act and handle unemployment issues very carefully.  The candidate also wants to deliberate on unavailability of loan from the financial institute and review Land Act 2007 and FDI policy. 

He said reforms need to be focussed on any laws and policies; Anand Rai said it needs to be discussed with people before it is being deliberated in the Parliament.

San Bahadur Mongar is contesting with hope to make a vibrant democracy and good governance through check and balance.

“I look forward to discussing human-wildlife conflict and complicated wetland laws and policies,” he said. 

Kuenga, 36, with M.Sc Biochemistry and experience of 13 years in teaching pledged to intervene to alleviate human wildlife conflict by introducing insurance policies that will enhance and expedite, inspire and retain interest of farmers to continue farming.

He wants to engage and provide maximum opportunities to youth by aligning the participation and expectations of youth with the ongoing reforms of education.

Kuenga pledged to address the pressing issues surrounding people of Sarpang and ensure lawmakers intervene on prolonged service delivery e ready anytime to assist and provide service to the people.

“Election to NC is not a turn, chance or option for a repeated plea, the most deserving candidate and with humble will to serve people must be chosen,” he said.

Pema Tashi, 38, from Sershong is contesting to make the country and people happy by  curbing nepotism and corruption and revive the daily labour facilities, lift green zone areas, and ensure economic sustainability.

He promised to ensure compensation for wildlife conflict through amending forest Act while there are also needs to review Bhutan Penal Code , Marriage Act , Land Act, Insurance Act  and some more Acts.

He also said that through the amendment of the Drugs and Psychotropic Act, a working environment shall be developed for those youth who are addicted and develop sustainable economics additionally.

Pema Tashi has a Bachelor degree in Arts and Law and post graduate in national law, (PGDNL).   He had worked in the government, banks, defense attorney and was the founder of MK legal consultancy and the chief executive officer (CEO). 

Deo Kumar Rimal will focus on preserving the unique culture and traditions of the country. He pledged to ensure successful implementation of remaining 12th Five Year Plan development activities and 13th FYP.

Besides pledges similar to other candidates, he will work to give equal opportunity to people who require special care like education facility, employment opportunities to enable them to feel equal with everyone.

Khari Lal Gurung from Chhuzangang pledged to develop agriculture development policy to ensure self-sufficient and identify youth related issues and find solutions. 

He has a bachelor degree in political science. He is an educated farmer.

Dorji Dukpa, 56, from Shompangkha could not respond to Business Bhutan. However, in his debate and manifesto, he pledged to address economic, food security, and youth-related problems and preserve national security during the public debate.

Sangay Rabten from Thmphu