From farming to council dreams

Twenty-nine year old Tenzin Jurmey is one among the eight National Council aspirant candidates registered from Lhuntse as of last month.

He is from Tangmachu village under Menbi gewog of Lhuntse and is a first-time contestant. A farmer and entrepreneur, he graduated from Gaeddu College of Business Studies in 2013.

Tenzin Jurmey said he wants to try for the Council because he wants to serve the country and people beyond the power and responsibility of the position. He feels that both Houses: the Assembly and Council have a similar mission and vision to serve the Tsa-wa-Sum with utmost dedication and both are people’s representatives therefore they have to make national decisions together as parliament.

Tenzin Jurmey had always been keen to participate in the council elections.

As soon as he graduated from college he took up farming in his village so that he could interact with a cross-section of the society including farmers, businessmen and civil servants in his Dzongkhag and understand issues dogging them.

According to him, his strengths are that he is a young, energetic and hardworking man and has the knack of dealing with people.

“I am open to either winning or losing but expectations can only be fulfilled if people elect the right representative,” he said.

If he is elected, he wants to keep people well informed and update them on the law of the land.

Since he is from a farming and business background, he wants to ensure agriculture and livestock production, and agro marketing and expansion as additional responsibilities.

“I hope more candidates will come forward and provide wider options to our people,” he said adding that in the decision-making process at the national level it is important to involve policy makers from all walks of life.

Tenzin Jurmey said that he will also focus on youth issues, challenges and scope. “Given the opportunity, I will serve the nation with utmost dedication and take part in every decision-making process.”

Dechen Dolkar from Thimphu