For our teachers

May 2nd was Teacher’s Day.

It was a day to celebrate a category of very special people who shape up the lives of future generations including youth.

Many must have wished their teachers and passed on their good will on the day. However, we are not ignorant of the many challenges that teachers in this day and age face.

Teachers have a busy schedule and they bear the duty of guiding students in their studies and lives.

They have a very stressful job that includes being an inspiration to youth and being someone whom they can look up to. The onus falls on teachers to instill values and principles in children and make them exemplary disciples who later on graduate to being responsible adult citizens of the land.

However, though a teacher is so very important for the present and future, our teachers face major disadvantages. They have to bear the brunt of overwork, limited perks and allowances and minimal salary as compared to work load. No wonder teachers have a high attrition rate.

Considering that teachers play a pivotal role in shaping the legacy of a nation, we can only do our bit to help them by motivating them through incentives and perks that make their job attractive.

If we want quality education, we must make sure that teachers have the zeal to teach and are not stagnant, rotting at their jobs. We have to make sure that they have the will and energy to find innovative ways to instruct our young and create a generation of wise, life-long learners.

This we can do by reducing their burden also. To lighten their immense responsibility, the children’s family and members of the society need to chip in. They can help teachers through their own mandate of guiding the children and lending a support network.

The parents can also advise their children to respect their teachers as teachers would ask them to honor their parents. It’s a symbiotic relationship for all the stakeholders. The stronger the support system for children, the greater the impact and the responsibilities can be shared. Also, if one of them fails, the others can lift up.

Though it is important that teachers also need to be held accountable for their student’s failings, it needs to be done gently. Teachers are human beings too, after all who have their own flaws and foibles. They can only do so much.

The most important thing to remember is that teachers contribute to making the world a better place to live in. And if we have teachers who are happy and motivated to give their best, rest assured, we will be investing in posterity.

Let us be grateful to the teachers who give us numerous chances at life!