For an empowered and emboldened Bhutan

A vision of unprecedented grace, far-sight, and compassion, is set to unfurl its wings in September 2024. The seeds of a historic initiative – the Gyalsung program will be sown, heralding a new dawn for Bhutan.

Beyond the immediate goals of safeguarding our nation’s security and sovereignty, the Gyalsung program embodies a deeper, profound essence. It is a testament to the boundless compassion and unwavering concern of His Majesty for the youth of Bhutan – the custodians of tomorrow’s future. His Majesty’s conviction is unwavering: the youth must be empowered.

Our young minds, are bereft of proper guidance and find themselves adrift in a sea of uncertainty. Many remain unaware of their obligations to our beloved nation, ignorant of their innate strengths, unacquainted with the ways of the world, and unsure of their roles in building this land we call home. Graduation is but a turning point, and in most cases, they emerge disoriented and believe they lack the ability to contribute. The new world appears formidable, and the lack of self-confidence and ambition casts long shadows. Regrettably, they often tread the path of least resistance, a path that leads to a harsh reality.

The one-year odyssey through the Gyalsung program promises to be an enriching tapestry, woven from experiences beyond the confines of traditional classrooms. The seeds of camaraderie will be sown, as our youth from diverse backgrounds unite in this transformative journey. They will be nurtured, their confidence will take flight, and discipline will be their guiding star. They shall acquire skills that empower, skills they will carry back to their colleges, cultivating them like precious seeds. They will graduate as citizens ready to heed the call of the nation. In a mere decade, we shall witness an army of 130,000 youths who embody the essence of responsible citizenship, devoted flag-bearers, and ambassadors of our cherished nation – the coronary arteries of Drukyul’s heart.

His Majesty, in the wisdom of his vision, has acknowledged that this noble endeavor places immense responsibility upon the shoulders of our children. In doing so, His Majesty understands that we, as parents and guardians, have a role in this profound responsibility. As Bhutanese, it is our sacred duty to embrace the merits and vision of this program and ensure our children’s active participation. Whispers may circulate, but we know in our hearts that Bhutanese have always risen to the occasion when the nation called.

In His Majesty’s profound trust in his subjects is an unshakable faith, the belief that even as a small nation, our hearts are vast, our commitment unwavering. Every Bhutanese, in their unique way, will contribute to the realization of this noble vision, not out of compulsion, fear, or societal expectations, but out of a boundless love for our homeland. Love, the greatest force of all, must now find expression in concrete actions, and the time to begin is now.