Following my passion for Indoor Decor: Namgay Thinley

Following my passion for Indoor Decor: Namgay Thinley

A former 3D animator altered his passion for indoor decor designing

Twenty-seven years old Namgay Thinley, a former 3D animator from Punakha makes different types of comfortable long lasting interior furniture with modern designs including varieties of creative traditional fountain designs.

Namgay worked as a 3D animator for almost two years at iBEST. During those days he designed different types of interior designs including fountains, furniture, cartoon characters, and infrastructure amongst others.

“During my stay at iBEST, I meet a senior entrepreneur who helped me to gather my passion where I made different types of fountains,” he said, adding that good feedback from the people helped me to open my own business.

With no formal practical training in interior design, he risked himself becoming an entrepreneur. “I did an open interview at the Department of Cottage and Small Industry (CSI) which supports young aspiring entrepreneurs like us. I was happy that I got Nu 0.3mn as a grant from the department.”

Driven by his passion and his love for designing, in 2020 he decided to become an entrepreneur and opened his own business ‘Indoor Decor’ in the capital.

“Indoor decor designing has always been my passion as my father is a carpenter,” Namgay said.

He said that he did learn basic carpentry from his father; however, his passion, love, and interest got him today to what he is doing at the present.

Despite many competitors in the capital, he makes a decent living working with his passion. “My work is customer-oriented, many of my customers are happy with my indoor items and various services that I provide,” he said.

“I get about six to seven customers in a month and I make revenue about Nu 15,000 to Nu 50,000 per month depending upon the order I get in a month,” he said.

Namgay shares that he started to take up the profession in 2020 with not much knowledge of entrepreneurship or any specific professional training, he could not venture into it.

He mostly designs interior home furniture with a touch of simple western design like television stands, cloth rags, flower stands, bookshelves, shoe rags, beds, and cupboards, among others which the only design he doesn’t make is a Bhutanese alter.

“I take plain order of Bhutanese Alter and many customers take my design, however, I also make the designs that my customer gives me,” Namgay said.

Meanwhile, with the development of the country, the indoor decor of the Bhutanese society has also changed to modern decor including the design of the house, fashion, and furniture among others.

Namgay said that with the development of the country, everyone can take the opportunity to an advantage for a better future. Namgay plans to establish his Indoor Decor in Punakha shortly.

Sherab Dorji from Thimphu