Engineer by profession, writer by passion

Though Ayeshwini Lamal is studying civil engineering, she is an inspired writer.

Writing is a passion for the 21-year-old final year student of College of Science and Technology who recently published a novel called “Two Ends of the Sky”.

From her school days she started writing poems on the back of her notebooks and she let her English teacher correct them.

Her English teacher has been always supportive of her writing and gave her the confidence and motivation to continue writing.

She said she writes because she believes that words are an extremely powerful tool of communication unlike other means. 

“I also think of creative writing to be an extremely diverse genre with huge potential for greatness. The power of our imagination is unlimited to physical bounds and that is something that amuses and interests me to a great extent,” she said.

Writing has always been a passion for her.

“I see writing as a definite in my life, regardless of my career,” said Ayeshwini Lama, adding that it is difficult to manage time to sit down and write when one has so many things to do and so much to study.

She mentions that she take great pleasure in being able to pull away and do something that she loves after, or in the middle of a long day.

Sharing stories with the world has been something that shehas always dreamt of. So far, she has shared her poems, prose and other short pieces via social media.

She said the idea behind publishing a novel is to further expand her horizons as well as to give more to the readers.

She is also a strong believer that a person is not limited to a set number of capabilities or talents. She is working towards becoming an engineer and having a professional career in the technical field. But writing will always be parallel to that.

“I consider writing to be my ultimate passion, and will definitely keep on doing it,” she said.

She also mentioned that after having spent so many hours, day and night alike, building and writing and re-writing the storyline, holding the final product in reality was the ultimate feeling of accomplishment.

“But at the end, all of it was worth it. When I read the final manuscript, I felt all the things I wanted the readers to feel at all the right moments and places and understood that without the time and effort that I put in, that moment would not have tasted this sweet,” she said.

Her first novel “Two Ends of The Sky” is a young adult fiction about two friends and one great love.

“My first book is based on that belief, along with my other strong belief that we must feel. We must let ourselves know that feeling is a privilege and that emotions do not make us weak,” she said.

She has ideas for other stories too and at least one other manuscript almost complete.

Ayeshwini Lama is a Yangchenphug High School graduate.

She completed her high schooling in the year 2015 from Yangchenphug Higher Secondary School.

Dechen Dolkar from Thimphu