Educare Skill is an online education and skilling platform for all

Educare Skill is an online education and skilling platform for all

Tharchen, Project Director of Educare Skill, and Sonam Rinchen, CEO & Co-founder of iBEST in an interview with Business Bhutan’s Reporter Sherab Dorji talk about the online learning platform EDUCARE SKILL.

Q. Can you express about the online learning platform EDUCARE SKILL?

Ans. Educare Skill is an online education and skilling platform for all.

We plan to develop the most relevant education and skilling courses which will help you do well in your academics and enhance your career. These online learning programs will be curated and developed by experts and experienced professionals from the respective industry sectors.

We envision “Skilling and educational for all – for anyone, anytime, and everywhere to transform people’s lives and livelihoods”.

Q. How did you get this idea to explore online learning platform?

Ans. Inspired by His Majesty The King’s 2021 National Day Royal Address, iBEST launched Bhutan’s first online learning platform, Educare Skill: Skilling and Education For All, on 1st August 2022 coinciding with the 8th iBEST foundation day.

“We need to be prepared for the future so that every one of us is equipped with the skills, competencies, and experience to succeed and compete in the world. We must give utmost priority to skill, up-skill, and re-skill our people to make them world-ready.”

iBEST has always been eager to contribute to nation-building which is one of His Majesty’s many visions for Bhutan. Hence, as a humble token of contribution and to facilitate the avid learners across the country, we came up with Educare skill, online education, and skilling platform for all.

Q. What is the unique feature of EDUCARE SKILL?

Ans. Educare Skill will provide a variety of educational, informative, skilling, and co-curricular learning materials and resources. Educare Skill would provide self-paced learning leading to certification on successful completion of the online courses.

Our platform would have something for all – children, students, unemployed, working professionals, and farmers. Further, we would like to enhance our school-going children’s learning opportunities.

All the content on Educare Skill will be produced through collaboration with individuals who are willing to contribute to the concepts.

Q. How this online learning platform operate as it is the very first kind in the country?

Ans. Our learning platform will have a huge reservoir of learning and teaching materials for students and teachers alike.

Moreover, there will be skilling-related courses for youth, professionals, and farmers. Later, we plan to provide one-on-one real-time learning avenues.

The online learning platform will come in the form of a mobile application and website, which, you will need to register or subscribe to avail of the services or view the contents.

Further, the contents for Educare Skill will be developed phase-wise and the contents will be made available both on the app and website for the users.

Q. What services are provided to your clients with this platform?

Ans. Our services include informative, educational, recreational, and co-curricular multimedia content that users can easily access on their phones and website.

The concepts and contents will be developed which will not only appeal to our Bhutanese but the regional and global target audience.

The services provided will be at a minimal rate and 30% of the contents will be provided for free.

Q. As the project is new, what are some of your expectations, desires, and challenges?

Ans. As we live in the digitalized world and when learning can happen through the tip of our hand, I am optimistic that it will find the right place among our users.

We are looking forward to offering our best services that will help in our country’s advancement and also lift our nation to compete on a global scale.

Getting the right collaboration and necessary support could be a challenge, but we are committed to taking this project ahead.

The biggest challenge we foresee is attracting the audience to use our apps in the first phase. Marketing and promoting the app might take time to persuade the audience into using this platform.

Q. What do you expect from this project in the future?

Ans. There is a higher chance for this platform to stand as one of the premier learning platforms in the future. We are very optimistic that this shall immensely benefit the users whereby the number of users will accelerate in a short period.

With everyone getting tech-savvy and gearing towards becoming a digital native, this platform is optimistic about winning the hearts of the users.