Dzongkhag taskforce becomes more serious with COVID-19 protocols in Trashigang

Dzongkhag taskforce becomes more serious with COVID-19 protocols in Trashigang

With the reemergence of more cases of Covid-19 in the country, the Dzongkhag taskforce in Trashigang has become more serious with the COVID-19 protocols and is ensuring that people in the district pay heed to the guidelines seriously.

With the initiative from the Dzongkhag taskforce, three groups were divided and each led by Dasho Dzongdag, Dzongrab, and Superintendent of Police (SP) reminded and made people aware on the SOP of COVID-19.

They also inspected shops of business owners, shopkeepers, and offices in the satellite towns of Trashigang.

An official from the Dzongkhag taskforce, who is the monitoring and surveillance team leader, said the first thing they did was checked the basic mandatory requirements of Druk Trace QR code, a register for those without the Druk Trace App, hand-washing facility, and the use of facemask.

Those individuals without mandatory requirements were advised to recreate or put in the mandatory provisions.

He said they were also informed to advise the people, who are unaware of SOPs especially the villagers.

The main objective for such initiative, according to him, was to make people aware of the basics and mandatory protocols and to constantly remind people of the importance of those protocols to prevent community transmission.

He said after the vaccination, people have become complacent and they rarely care about the risks of the transmission.

During the awareness program in satellite towns, a group was led by a member of the taskforce involving the Thromde Tshogpa, DeSuups, a shopkeeper, and police.

“They are advised to monitor regularly and report to the Dzongkhag taskforce,” he said.

“Until now, people were just advised and reminded to follow the COVID-19 protocols and there was no rule as such. However, in extreme cases, if people do not listen, we might have to call, warn them, and despite that, if they repeat, we might have to take some action,” he said, adding that they have not applied such actions so far.

A Tshogpa of Rangjung satellite town, Karma Sonam Tashi said during the awareness, people were reminded to install and follow the protocols of COVID-19.

He said after the number of cases reduced, people forget about the SOPs and became relaxed.

“We reminded the people that the first dose of vaccine is not going to prevent us from getting the virus and they should not be contented with the first jab,” he said, adding that they remind people persistently on this.

He added that they have covered a total of almost 52 shops and offices in Rangjung.

“People were directed to get all those mandatory requirements within three days and if they do not follow, we have told people that they will be dealt as per the rules on breaching the COVID-19 protocols.”

Tenzin Lhamo from Thimphu