Dumba 3D works - ideas made possible

Dumba 3D works – ideas made possible

A firm believer that if there is an idea, it is possible to print it into action or make ideas possible, Bishnu says

“Every day as I passed through that river, I could see the beauty of natural art work all along the banks,” Bishnu recalls, recalling how this piqued his interest in 3D work.

“As a small child, I saw wood carving artworks as always prevalent and beloved every time I visited some of the most prestigious museums,” Bishnu describes his early interest in art.

“I am always piqued by the imagination of designers and artists because of its accessibility and relative ease of carving,” he said, adding that he has always admired designers and their beautiful work.

In the plain, empty wood, the design of different 3D structures is carved by people using plain wood. It is wonderful to see people turn such plain wood into beautiful art. Bishnu said, “3D work isn’t just great for entertainment and selling people stuff; it gives people the sense of feeling that 3D work gives life.”

Bishnu Prasad Sharma, 31, from Jazam, Thimphu, has always had a strong desire to create new things.

With the engineering background, Prasad said that they are equipped with 3D technology machines in house, using which they try to bring ideas to life.

An entrepreneur said that one motive behind developing 3D works is to fuse cultural art with modern technology. “Our purpose of our 3D craft is to fuse cultural aspects with changing technology,” he said, adding that he wanted to create something new by mixing traditional and modern art work together, producing a unique design compared to designs available in the market.

Thirty-one-year-old Bishnu said, “Ever since I was young, I have been interested in creating new things.” Bishnu has had an interest in 3D models since he was a child, and he enjoys learning because of his interest in embedded systems, robotics, and machineries.

“I procured a few machines with the support of the Loden Foundation and Cottage and Small Industry (CSI), with which the whole idea of becoming an entrepreneur kicked off,” he said, adding that those experiences really sparked his interest in becoming a professional 3D designer. “I love 3D work as it allows me to create something from nothing,” he said, adding that he found it very rewarding to be able to use his creativity to make something new.

Like many other entrepreneurs, Bishnu Prasad Sharma said that one of the biggest challenges is marketing. He said that with a small market for this sort of product or service, it is perplexing to get a good market. On top of that, he says the lack of skilled individuals in specific fields is another challenge they are facing, along with the work ethic.

When asked about his source of inspiration, he said that his parents are his most important source of inspiration, but he also finds inspiration in other places. “I love looking at other designers’ work for new ideas.” He added that there are so many talented people out there who do astonishing things.

Moreover, he said nature is such an incredible designer. “When I look at it, I wonder how beautiful such art work is, and nature is also a source of inspiration to me.” He also added that a lot of his inspiration comes from his everyday life. “I notice small details that inspire me to create something similar.”

“I would say that the most important thing when starting out as a 3D designer is to learn from other designers,” an entrepreneur said, adding that there are so many talented people out there and that he has learned so much by looking at what they do and trying to learn from them.

Bishnu said that clients are their main source of motivation. The founder of Dumbo 3D work said that he loves getting feedback from clients because he says that it’s the best way to grow as a designer. He also added, “It’s the creative ideas and high-end clients that keep us motivated, and based on their feedback, we are trying our best to improve our product.”

According to the founder of 3D works, creativity is the most important quality for someone in this field. He also added that it is important to come up with new ideas and designs on your own.

In the near future, he said, “I am always thinking of new ways to improve my work or create something unique.”

He said that he would like to create an architectural work that is a combination of traditional Bhutanese art. “If I was given complete freedom to design anything I wanted, it would probably be an architectural design that never existed and fused with Bhutanese architecture,” an entrepreneur said.

According to Bishnu, they are trying to collect as much information as possible from the client about their design and make it possible to bring that model to life. “When I’m working on a project, I make sure to design a model that brings my client as close to being satisfied as possible, or that I’m doing my best to create a design that would bring them happiness.”

However, he said if the clients are disappointed with their work, they are trying to convince the customers either with a discount or with compensation for their faulty work.

In the meantime, Bishnu said that the approximate time taken to complete one model solely depends on the size and complexity of the model.

Moreover, he said that the price of their model also depends on the quality of the finished product, the level of complexity, the material cost, and the time taken to complete the model.

“The cost of each model is calculated depending on the complexity of the model, how detailed it has to be, and the time taken to complete the model,” Sharma said.

Bishnu said that their 3D work includes logo design, different symbols, and other related 3D work as per client demand.

Shortly after graduating, Bishnu took advantage of an opportunity to carve 3D work in-house. The company has four team members who work in the carving of various 3D works using wood and have approximately seven years of work experience in the 3D industry.

As advice to young aspiring entrepreneurs, Bishnu said, “It is the youth who can bring about changes in the country,” adding that it is critical to invest your time in skilling yourself as far as possible from the beginning.

Bishnu said, “Dumba 3D work is a vision of every idea made possible.”

Nima Lhamo from Thimphu