Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa

Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa

Business Bhutan’s reporter Pema Seldon catches up with the Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa spokesperson to talk about the party suing the government, party plans and challenges it foresees as the countdown to the next elections begin.

(Note: The party spokesperson did not want to be named)


  1. The elections 2018 is approaching and as one of the stronger parties in the fray right now, how do you rate your strength to make it through the primary round of the elections or even the general round if you reach the finale?


  1. DNT is founded on strong democratic principles where every “Nyamro” is respected and has equal voice. All our candidates and members know that their opinion is considered and decisions are made through consensus. Our strength lies in this spirit of Nyamrup and we are confident that voters will support the strong, committed and capable team that have come together to serve the people. People also want change so that no one Party stays in power too long – and this is good for democracy. We believe that these will be the considerations for the 2018 elections.


  1. How many candidates – confirmed and prospective do you have right now?


  1. We have identified and confirmed 39 candidates. In the remaining 8 constituencies we are yet to confirm as there are two or more candidates in each of these constituencies. While the majority are connecting with their voters, a few are still serving as civil servants and corporate employees and they should be with us by December.


  1. DNT has always been seen as one of the strongest parties after PDP and DPT. Now with BKP appointing Aum Neten Zam as its new president, do you think that DNT is losing ground?


  1. As I said earlier, we believe in “Nyamrup” – which means a team and that – in my opinion is what a Party should be. It cannot be based on one person – and risk being a dictator. A Party needs to have a democratic culture within itself so as to provide the same for the people. To form a government you need to have a team of capable and selfless individuals who can shoulder the responsibility of governance. We are confident that we have that team and that the people will place their confidence is us when the elections come. We have a number of candidates, anyone of which could be leaders for the Party. Instead of losing ground, I think we are gaining more ground.


  1. What major challenges do you foresee for the party and how would you go about it?


  1. We have the experience of contesting is 2013 and know the ground realities. There are not many challenges as we have taken care of most of them. The only challenge we see – maybe in raising adequate funds to finance the campaign.


  1. What do you have to say about DNT suing the government?


  1. We have placed the case to the High Court and we trust the judiciary to do what is best for democracy and for the country. This is not about Parties, winners or losers, but about protecting the Constitution and that should be all this case is about.


  1. What is DNT’S USP?


  1. A strong and capable team of professionals and our humility to consult and make decisions through consensus.