Druk Gyalpo’s Relief Kidu extends to March next year

Druk Gyalpo’s Relief Kidu extends to March next year

Meanwhile, 7,731 received the Kidu for eight months since April this year

The Druk Gyalpo’s Relief Kidu (DGRK) would extend till March next year with a grant of Nu 10,000 and Nu 7,000 as the full and partial amounts respectively, according to the Kidu office.

The Kidu office had received 119 applications as of December 23 and the daily applications continued to pour in with as many as 10 per day in December. Applicants have been increasing from December 20 following the announcement of the lockdown.

An additional 403 applications have been received from December 1 to 23.

Individuals who applied for Kidu between October and December this year do not have to re-apply.

However, new applicants can apply via www.royalkidu.bt or by calling the toll free numbers-1184 for Phuentsholing and Chhukha and 1186, 1187 or 1188 for all other Dzongkhags.

The applicants can also contact the Dzongkhag administration and Dzongdags of the respective Dzongkhags, according to the Kidu office.

Statistics show 43, 855 applicants applied for the Kidu between April 14 and November 30 this year.

However, only 34,384 that is 78% of those who applied received the Kidu at least once and 9,471 were not eligible. Meanwhile, 7,731 received the Kidu for eight months since April this year.

According to the Kidu office, Nu 1.4bn was granted to the 34,384 beneficiaries through the National Resilience Fund.

Additionally, over 25,000 children were supported under the child support Kidu of Nu 800 per child per month between April and November 2020.

For Phase I, April to June this year, the Kidu office received 33,829 applications, however, 25,126 received the Kidu and was granted Nu. 679.6mn including Nu.27.1mn child support Kidu of Nu. 800 per child for 13,314 children.

For Phase II, July to September, 28,259 received Kidu from 30,300 applicants and was granted Nu 501.4mn including Nu 14.1mn child support Kidu for 6,297 children.

In Phase III, the Kidu office received 23,253 applicants between October and November of which 15,064 applicants received Kidu and was granted Nu 273.8mn including Nu 8.8mn child support Kidu for 5,566 children.

However, the assessments have been completed for the applicants received until December 22, as per the Kidu office.

The number of re-applicants have declined as only 67% of Phase I applicants re-applied in Phase II, 53% of Phase I applicants re-applied in Phase III, and 41% of applicants who applied for the first time in Phase II also re-applied in Phase III, according to the Kidu office.

The decline, the Kidu office states, is due to exclusion of taxi drivers and restaurants from the eligibility criteria in the subsequent phases.

However, 1,394 Kidu recipients have also withdrawn their applications between April and October 2020, of which 1,060 have withdrawn and not re-applied.

Fifty-four percent of Kidu recipients were male and 46% female with majority (51%) of age group between 20-29 years.

The majority of Kidu recipients (34%) were from the tourism sector followed by 12% in transport sector and 3,086 overseas returnees.

Thukten Zangpo from Thimphu