DPT confirms Gangzur –Menji constituency candidate

He will be replacing veteran Karma Rangdol

Tshering Dorji from Khoma village, Lhuentse will be replacing Karma Rangdol who is currently serving as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Druk Phuensum Party (DPT) in the upcoming elections.

He will contest from Gangzur – Menji constituency, Lhuentse. MP Karma Rangdol will not contest in the next election due to the age factor.

Tshering Dorji, 41, is currently in Australia.

In an interview with Business Bhutan, Tshering Dorji said he is offering a choice to the people of his constituency.

“I strongly believe in dedication, hard work and sincerity to serve the people of my constituency. Based on DPT’s principle of “equity & justice” and my several years of experience having worked in the government, people will have trust and confidence in me and my party.”

He said with hardly a year before the elections he is planning to return as soon as possible.

He completed his BA in Economics from PSG college of Arts and Science, Bharathiar University, India and worked for 13 years at the economic and environmental statistics division under National Statistics Bureau, Thimphu.

Stating his reasons for joining and choosing DPT, he mentioned DPT’s principle of equity and justice is the foremost reason that motivated him to join the party. “Because of its holistic and pragmatic ideology, I firmly believe that DPT is the only party that stands in good stead of achieving our nation’s overarching goals of Gross National Happiness. The other reason that inspired me to joined DPT is their strong leadership. Among the five registered political parties, DPT has the most experienced, competent and trustworthy leaderships with proven track record in democratic governance,” he said.

In addition, his conviction to join DPT was reinforced by their enviable performance track record of achieving 98% of their campaign pledges during their governance (2008-13), which may be difficult to replicate by other political parties.

Tshering Dorji also mentioned that his personal interest in taking up politics is driven by his genuine desire to serve the people of his constituency with utmost dedication and loyalty. “In democracy, offering choices to the people is more important than winning the election, and therefore, I believe that I am a good choice for the people,” he said.

Chencho Dema from Thimphu