Downpour affects BCCL the most among Pasakha industries

Downpour affects BCCL the most among Pasakha industries

Bhutan Carbide and Chemicals Limited in Pasakha has been affected the most by recent heavy downpour among the industries. Unlike the other industries where the block at Bahunijhora River has cut them off for almost a week, BCCL has lost properties to the flash flood.

The flash flood from Barsa River which flows near the plant has washed away labor quarters, two water pumps and the embankment walls along the river. Also, the swollen river has also put the plant’s canteen at risk.

The road to Bhutan Silicon Metals Private Limited was also washed away by the river on Monday. Currently, the vehicles are diverted from BCCL to reach the company’s plant. However, the sharp bent near the plant is a challenge for heavy vehicles to maneuver.

However, the flood has not hindered production. The two plants are continuing production.

The river has washed away two water pumps used by the plant with a pump house. A newly constructed watch tower has also been washed away by the river. Also, around 300MT of charcoal worth more than Nu 5.1mn which was stocked near the bank and used as raw material for the company were washed away.

The swollen river has entered around 80 feet inside the premise washing away the gabion wall, which was constructed last year. A concrete watch tower near the plant was also washed away.

The official at the site said that the base of three units of permanent structure have also been damaged as the base is washed away. The quarters are at risk of getting washed away anytime if the flood repeats. The laborers are evacuated, according to Jambay Dorji, Chairman of Safety Officer at BCCL.

The company has now deployed two excavators to divert the river to prevent further flooding. The company has also started reconstructing the gabion wall along the banks.

Jambay Dorji said that all the safety precautions are taken to curb further flooding. The laborers have been temporarily moved to safer location with other laborers.

Incessant rainfall in the past week caused havoc across the country. In Pasakha, the mud slide blocked Pasakha road connecting the most important industrial estate in the country. Desuups and Police volunteered to clear the block since June 24. Industries at Pasakha have also voluntarily deployed three excavators and two payloaders to clear the block.

Krishna Ghalley from Pasakha, P/ling