Diversity in the NC

Diversity in the NC

Elected NC members come from diverse professions

Called as the Upper House and also the House of Review, the National Council besides its legislative functions, shall act as the House of review on matters affecting the security and sovereignty of the country and the interests of the nation and the people that need to be brought to the notice of the Druk Gyalpo, the Prime Minister and the National Assembly. As such, it is imperative for members of the NC to have skill and knowledge that are required for fulfilling the NC’s duties.

The Fourth NC elections of April 20, 2023 saw people from a diverse range of professions contesting. However, as per the provisional results, former teachers top the list. 


Winning candidates from the teaching profession have topped the list. Ten teachers, including Chukha incumbent member who is also a former teacher, have won in the 2023 NC election.

Birendra Chimoria, elected member of Dagana has a Master’s degree in Health and Physical Education, Master’s in Sport Administration and B.Ed Secondary from Samtse College of Education.

Prior to contesting in the NC election, he worked as a teacher and with the Bhutan Football Federation (BFF),  Woman football and Dagana Sports Association.

Elected member of Gasa, Tsheing has a bachelor’s degree in Language and Cultural Studies and a master’s degree in Multidisciplinary Studies from the University of Montana in the United States.

Prior to contesting for the NC, he spent 16 years as a program coordinator, lecturer, and vice principal at the Royal Academy of Performing Arts (RAPA). He also spent three years as the vice principal at Zorig Chusum.

Haa’s elected member, Dago Tsheringla has a Masters degree in Educational Leadership and Management from India. He had served as the principal of Jampel HSS and Drujeygang HSS for 18 years in the education sector.

He holds a bachelor degree in Dzongkha and has over 16 years of working experience in different organizations starting with teaching and in the private sector.

Tashi Dendup, elected member of Samtse, served 18 years under the Ministry of Education and two years in the private sector.

Similarly, elected member of Thimphu, Leki Tshering has a Bachelors of degree in education (primary) and worked for 11 years as a teacher and five years in the private sector.

Elected member of Trongsa, Rinzin Namgyal was the principal of Babesa Higher Secondary School in Thimphu. He has more than 20 years of work experience in education.

Nima Wangdi had worked as a teacher for over a decade at different schools in Tsirang. He is an elected member of Tsirang.

Zhemgang’s Tshering Tshomo was nominated from Sonamthang, Ngangla gewog and has a bachelor’s degree in Education from Paro College of Education.

She served as a teacher for 12 years and has been in the travel business for more than three years.


Paro’s incumbent Ugyen Tshering, 53, was nominated from Lamgong Gewog. He has a Bachelor of Commerce from Sherubtse College.

Reelected as member of Chukha, Sangay Dorji holds a master’s in educational management and administration and has 13 years of work experience as a principal. He has also served as a resource person for various educational programs, has experiences in private organizations, and served as a committee member in various national programs.


Trashigang’s elected member, Sonam Tobgyel, 44, from Phongmey, is former anchor of the Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS).

Phub Dorji, the  elected member of Wangduephodrang, was also a former anchor, TV producer, writer and editor in Bhutan Broadcasting Service for 12 years.


Sarpang’s elected member, Pema Tashi has a Bachelor degree in Arts and Law and post graduate in national law, (PGDNL).   He has worked in the government, banks, defense attorney and was the founder of MK legal consultancy and the chief executive officer (CEO).


Jamyang Namgyal from Shumar gewog is the elected member of Pemagatshel. He has studied BVSc and AH at Pondicherry University in India and Master of Sciences in Vector Ecology and Disease Modelling at the University of Calgary in Canada.


Elected as a Lhuentse NC member, Kelzang Lhundup, 47, completed a Bachelor in Civil Engineering from KL University in Andhra Pradesh, India.

He had worked as a civil servant for 26 years. In the last 11 years, he served as a district engineer in Lhuentse.

Civil servant

Tshewang Rinchen from Gomdar, the elected member of Samdrup Jongkhar, holds a MBA. He was the Home Minister’s Personal Secretary at the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs.

Kencho Tshering elected as NC member from Bumthang has a Master in Business Administration and Bachelor’s degree in commerce. He has 10 years of working experience where he has served as gewog administrative office and project manager.

Private sector

Trashiyangtse’s elected member, Sonam Tenzin, 38, from Khamdang gewog has a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from India. He has 14 years of work experience in the private sector and was a general manager at Bhutan Industrial Gas.

 As per the Rules on Elections Conduct, 2022 of the Election Commission of Bhutan 9(ECB), Pursuant to the Commission’s authority under the Constitution to set out educational and other qualifications, a candidate must further “Possess a formal university degree, being a degree not lower than a Bachelor’s degree conferred after having pursued a formal course of study at a recognized university or institute of higher learning.”

The ECB last year (2022) came out with the Rules of Elections Conduct in the Kingdom of Bhutan, 2022, Section 4, Qualification Criteria for Candidates standing for Elective Officer,, which states, “Serving in an office in the public/private sector with exemplary conduct and performance for 5 years for the assumption of office in the National Assembly, and for 10 years for assumption of office in the National Council.”

Sangay Rabten from Thimphu