DHI to establish R&D and technology center

DHI to establish R&D and technology center

Druk Holding and Investments (DHI) plans to establish a research and development (R&D) and technology center of excellence (CoE) through its recently established innovation and technology department.

With a larger objective of providing an impetus for knowledge-based society, building technology and for economic diversification of the nation, DHI positions itself to collaborate, build program and investments around relevant technologies and systems.

The Chief Executive Officer of DHI, Dasho Karma Yezer Raydi said that the emphasis was for DHI to leverage technology for digital Bhutan, inculcate a R&D culture and drive investments in niche areas of technology towards building a knowledge-based society.

The stress for DHI was to participate and build investments in sectors that are Strategic, Purposeful, and Necessary keeping in mind the holistic development goals and venture into impactful industries.

“It is the initiative of His Majesty The King,” said the CEO.

The Innovation and Technology Department (I&TD) would be collaborating and building programs and investments in areas of relevant technologies for Bhutan considering the trends of the future.

The objective of the centers is to explore technologies to enhance business productivity and efficiency, identify technology avenues and strategize technological initiatives and  explore opportunities for fundamental and applied Research in Bhutan.

The Director of Innovation and Technology department of DHI, Ujjwal Dahal said that DHI has been involved in areas of energy, communications, banking etc., apart from working towards building a center of excellence in IT with Thimphu Tech Park Limited.

The Director said that it is important to ensure that the adaptation to the changing times are preempted well in advance and strategic planning to establish a short, medium and long term goals are established. 

Technologies such as Machine Learning, AI, Data Analytics, Blockchain, Bigdata etc are changing the landscape of business, governance, and societies in general. Capacity building and investments towards building a national platform and opportunity for further growth and investments opportunities would be explored. 

The Director said that leveraging technology and being a part contributing to the change that is driving the economy around the world is important for Bhutan.

“This is important not only for ensuring a continuing sustainable and a prosperous economy for growth and progress but also equally important to provide the avenues of innovation, creativity, and platforms for the next generation to contribute to society building meaningfully,” he said.

DHI aims to pursue innovation and creativity in society, build a technology “body of knowledge” for the nation, inculcate STEM education and provide a platform to understand and explore fundamental and applied research initiatives. These technology centric initiatives and activities are aimed ultimately towards diversification of our economy and value creation in society cognizent of the changing technologies, its challenges and importantly the opportunities it provides for the future.

The Thimphu Tech Park Limited (TTPL) is already in momentum towards establishing itself as a national Information and Technology (IT) hub and in the medium term poised towards developing into a software and systems development excellence. Programs such as Space observatory stations initiated by His Majesty’s Office and supported by DHI with PANOPTES telescopes including Meade ETX125 telescopes have been installed in schools and planned for other locations in view of providing the impetus to space research in Bhutan apart from providing a step towards STEM education.

Dechen Dolkar from Thimphu