CUDIS matchmaking: Bhutan’s Cupid

A new approach to finding love inspired by values and Tibetan astrology

In a world where finding a compatible life partner can be a daunting task, 36 year-old Kinga Namgyal, the owner of CUDIS is an entrepreneur pioneering a new approach to matchmaking.

Inspired by His Majesty’s speech during the 112th National Day celebration, the brand CUDIS stands for Capability, Unity, Discipline, Integrity, and Standard. These values not only drive the brand but also form the cornerstone of its matchmaking services.

Kinga shared that CUDIS matchmaking idea birthed through his own personal experiences leading to the inception of this innovative venture. “While I was in my twenties, all I cared about was enjoyment, fun and career. Now that I’m of an age to find a companion, it is very difficult. Lack of social life plus personal commitments makes it even harder to find anyone. More so, the fear of having to put in so much time and effort and not work out in the end is even more devastating,” Kinga said.

The matchmaking process categorizes potential matches into three tiers: Rab (Highly compatible), Dring (Compatible), and Tha (Not compatible). The primary aim is to ensure that clients are matched with partners who fall within the highly compatible category. However, in the absence of such profiles, matches from the compatible category are considered, while those falling under the not compatible category are avoided.

“Unlike online dating platforms, CUDIS Matchmaking has no plans to go online or develop an app, as its purpose diverges from facilitating casual relationships. It is also important to note that CUDIS Matchmaking is not a matrimonial agency but offers compatible profiles to clients, leaving the decision to pursue marriage in their hands,” Kinga added.

Privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance to CUDIS Matchmaking, with client information only disclosed to potential partners. For clients seeking complete privacy, door-to-door or home services are offered at a minimal cost.

Following the consultation, if the idea resonates with the client, fees are discussed, and a client profile is created. With a tiered fee structure catering to varying needs and preferences, CUDIS Matchmaking ensures accessibility while providing personalized services to its clients. Each tier offers different conditions and add-on, allowing clients to choose the level of service that best suits them.

By Dechen Choden, Thimphu