Corporate excellence and work ethics – Swami Sukhabodhananda


Life has become one gigantic game. To succeed in this game, we have to struggle. This struggle is consuming our life silently.

Do not discard success because of the simple reason that the creative process which is installed in your DNA, has to be allowed to express itself. Creativity has to be encouraged. But in this process, if you are not alert, your inner joy will be destroyed. Hence, make sure that your commitment for corporate excellence is based on the foundation of work ethics.

Ethics is not some set of rules based on laws. Ethics is based on goodness. Goodness is not bound by one’s definition; it is like intelligence; it is free flowing, but has its intrinsic wisdom. Ethics is order and action born out of goodness. Goodness in action mode is ethics. It is an indicator of health to be ethical in an unethical society.

An ethical process is order in motion and hence immensely crucial in the corporate world. An important aspect of being altruistic is a high degree of integrity. From a spiritual dimension, it is integrating the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects. Abusing the body is unethical. Abusing it through wrong behaviour, junk food … is to harm the body. When the body is abused, it affects the mind. When one drinks alcohol, one is damaging not only the body but also the mind, is it not? Once the mind is affected one’s perception is also affected. So handling one’s body involves right food and right posture.

Right posture is keeping one’s body alive and vibrant. Good body energy has the power to do right things. Like in sports, a right posture will help one to perform.

Next is emotional health. Enthusiasm brings you alive and that power enables you to do the right things. Next is intellectual health, which means being part of a solution and not victim to a problem. Lastly, the focus should be on spiritual health, which involves operating from right values. This involves self-discipline. A value is a value if the value of the value is valuable to one. So, let ethical values be terribly dear and valuable to one.

Operating as a team and not as an individual should be a corporate value; this is corporate ethics. TEAM means Together, Empowering to Achieve More. One has to learn to drop self-love and love one’s organisation, and hence the team. Self-love is the mother of all conflicts.

Reflect on this. “Who is flying the kite?”

The egoistic person says, “I am flying the kite.” The breeze says, “I am flying the kite.” The tail of the kite says, “I am flying the kite.” The string says, “I am flying the kite.” Existence says, “O child, we are flying the kite.”

The value of the team is supremely beneficial, and that is possible if one’s love is not restricted to the self but to the whole. This ethical mode, apart from felicitating those who reach and/or surpass their targets, should be valued and respected in the organisation.

Such a value, spontaneously brings in, the power to give, the power to contribute and the power to serve. One should not only contribute to each other in a team but also to the customer. This customer care is not just in manipulative words and smiles, but stems from the value of truly contributing.

(The writer is an author and one of the most respected spiritual leaders in India. [Courtesy – ToI])