Can a woman really not be able to handle a business or run an organization? Is the scenario of a woman being associated with the household and carrying out the role of a nurturer still predominant? Women have heard statements undermining their skills and qualities in their life just because they are females, but it is not really necessary that it should be specifically women taking the responsibility of the private domain.

Our country is still in a transitory phase with the continual social and economic development and along with it, comes a change in the insight of a womanโ€™s role in society. Even though there often arise instances where women are still viewed as subservient in the male dominated society, we can observe a gradual change in the present scenario.

With economic development, women have gained opportunities to participate in various fields from farming in rural areas to becoming a civil servant in cities. This has enabled women to earn for their own livelihood and gain a sense of independence in society. Women have also engaged in political participation and an excellent example of the emerging role of women in society can be the appointment of the first female minister of Bhutan, Aum Dorji Choden running the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement.

These are just some of the scenarios where women are gaining their own identities and improving the state of their livelihood. Since we are women, we have the need to preserve our own sense of independence in order to break away from the stereotypical conventions laid down for women in society and work towards eliminating the barrier of gender inequality.

There is a need to encourage and empower women in contributing to the society because with the changing times, it has become difficult to maintain a stable livelihood while remaining dependent of other people. So in order to maintain a sense of solidarity among the women, it is necessary for us to try our best in bringing changes and helping society. The society in turn can also help instigate the act of women empowerment by encouraging them to contribute through their full abilities in all aspects of life. Thus, women should not be reduced to a mere worker of the private domain or a mere commodity responsible for producing offspring because women can contribute to the society equally.