Color transition of zones in Punakha deferred

Case of two charged for breaching Covid-19 protocols forwarded to court

The two men are the residents of Kabesa Gewog in Punakha

The case of two men, aged 54 and 40, and arrested after illegally entering Sirigang, Kabisa Gewog in Punakha from Langjophakha, Thimphu, via Sinchula trail on January 28 without informing the relevant authorities, has been forwarded to the Punakha District Court by Punakha police on March 22. 

The duo is charged for violating Section 448 of the Criminal Code of Bhutan 2004, which states that an accused is guilty of the offence of disturbing public order and tranquilly if he willfully disobeys orders of the Royal Government issued in the interest of public safety, public order and tranquilly.

Meanwhile, the two men, who are the residents of Kabesa Gewog in Punakha, had walked for more than 15 hours along the Sinchula trail from Thimphu to Punakha after the lockdown was announced in Thimphu.

The case was reported to Punakha police through an anonymous call. 

The two men, in their statement to police, said they had been renovating a house for a woman in Langjophakha before travelling to Punakha and had planned their trip after the lockdown was announced.

Prior to their arrest, both men were quarantined at home and monitored accordingly. They had tested negative for RT-PCR on February 4. They were detained for one night, but were released on bail by the court on February 25.

Chencho Dema from Paro