BTP’s standing 17

The Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP), which secured 17 constituencies would be the Opposition in the Fourth Parliament. BB brings to you, Tendrel’s 17, who are diverse in their background and experiences.


Dasho Pema Chewang, the president of BTP, who would be the leader of the opposition party in the National Assembly is a seasoned bureaucrat, having initially served as the Secretary of the National Land Commission (NLC).

BTP also has Rinchen Wangdi from the Bartsham_Shongpu constituency. A career bureaucrat, Wangdi had earlier served as Secretary in the Gross National Happiness Commission as its secretary.

Others from similar backgrounds are Sangay Thinley from Khar_Yurung in Pemagatshel, Nganglam’s Lamdra Wangdi and Khaling Lumang’s Lam Dorji. While Sangay Thinley was the Chief HRO in the Ministry of Health, Wangdi and Lam Dorji were former Drungpa and Dzongrab respectively.

Within this bracket is also Namgay Dorji from Khamdang_Ramjar constituency, Trashiyangtse. He also served as Dzongrab.

Tashi Dorji from Nubi_Tangsibji Trongsa is another in this fold, who served as Gewog Administration Officer, before joining politics.

Member of Parliament

From several MPs that BTP had, the lone standing is Tempa Dorji from Maenbi_Tsaenkhar in Lhuentse, who has served as the National Council member from Lhuntse.


Holding several years of experience in this field is Loday Tsheten from Gangzur-Minjey, Lhuentse. He served as the Director of the Department of Macro-fiscal and Development Finance under the Ministry of Finance.

In this bracket falls Yeshey Jamtsho from Nanong_Shumar constituency, Pemagatshel, who has served as Senior Branch Manager of a Bank.


Kinzang Wangchuk from Drametse_Ngatshang constituency, Mongar, was the Chief Engineer based in Samdrup Jongkhar. He also served as Project Coordinator of the South Asian Sub-Regional Economic Cooperation (SASEC).


Dorji Wangmo, the only woman winning the seat from the constituency of Kengkhar_Weringla, Mongar has several years of experience in corporate management, having served as the General Manager for the Mineral Resource Division at the Natural Resources Development Corporation Limited (NRDCL).

In this bracket is also Naiten Wangchuk from the Mongar constituency, Mongar. Before joining politics, he was the Food Corporation of Bhutan’s (FCB), chief executive officer.

Tshering Penjore, representing Gomdar constituency in Samdrupjongkhar, has similar experiences. He served as the Program Officer for UNESCO and has 17 years of experience in the civil service.


BTP’s Wangdi from Boomdeling_Jamkhar constituency, Trashiyangtse served as a teacher for 11 years.


Damche Tenzin from Thrimshing Kangpara constituency, Trashigang, is a lawyer and has served as General Counsel of Bhutan’s central bank, prior to joining politics.


BTP’s representative from Radhi_Sagteng constituency in Trashigang is Tashi Tenzin, who has served as the Chief Geologist with the Department of Geology and Mines.

Tandin Tshewang from Thimphu