BNB sets up extension office in Kanglung

Bhutan National Bank Limited (BNBL) inaugurated its extension office in Kanglung, Trashigang yesterday.

The extension office was set up in Kanglung as the gewog is one of the largest in the dzongkhag and it will benefit the people of Udzorong gewog as well.

BNB Trashigang Bank Manager Kinley Jamtsho said that the extension office in Kanglung will provide all types of banking services including foreign remittance services.

“The extension office will not provide loan services but the clients will not have to come to the branch office as they can submit the required documents to the extension office and it will be forwarded to branch office in Trashigang,” said Kinley Jamtsho.

Meanwhile, the manager said that Kanglung has many agencies and offices including the Shedra and college which the extension office will benefit.

“The extension office will provide immediate services and save time as the clients do not have to come to branch office in Trashigang and it will also build saving habits among the public,” said the bank manager.

President of Sherubtse College Tshering Wangdi said that with the BNBL extension office in Kanglung he will encourage his students to save and build up saving habits.

Along with the extension office, BNBL has also set up a new ATM service in Kanglung. “The old ATM service in Kanglung did not function for more than three months,” said  Kinley Jamtsho.

Dorji, a businessman from Kangkung said he is relieved that he no longer has to travel 22km to Trashigang for banking.

Kanglung has nine villages with a population of 5,459 as per census records and 752 households including gungtongs.

Earlier, BNBL had one branch office in Trashigang and four extension offices in Trashiyangtse, Rangjung and Wamrong.

Jigme Wangchen from Kanglung, T/gang