Bhutan’s Year : To Embrace Duty and Destiny

As the gentle glow of dawn yields to the encroaching dusk, the Water Rabbit gracefully recedes, making way for the advent of the Wood Dragon. The bygone year, marked by the Rabbit’s presence, will be preserved within the recesses of our memories, its chapters to be revisited when needed. Yet, with the arrival of the Dragon, a new narrative unfolds, awaiting inscription in the annals of time.

In Bhutan, the transition to the Dragon year heralds a symbolic commencement, for Bhutan is synonymous with the Dragon – “Druk,” the Land of the Thunder Dragon. Among the 12 zodiac signs of the Bhutanese lunar calendar, the Dragon stands as the lone mythical creature, imbued with mystique and steeped in profound symbolism. Much like the Dragon, Bhutan itself is a realm shrouded in myth and legend, with its landscapes, peaks, and rivers entwined in tales of antiquity and meaning.

In the wake of this new cycle, Bhutan faces a myriad of challenges and opportunities. A freshly elected government shoulders the weighty responsibility of rejuvenating the economy, honoring campaign promises, and effectively stewarding the nation through the 13th Plan. Chief among all tasks is the imperative to breathe life into the Gelephu Mindfulness City (GMC), Bhutan’s most ambitious economic venture. While a year may seem fleeting in the grand scheme of such a monumental undertaking, the foundations laid during this crucial period will shape its trajectory for years to come.

The GMC transcends the conventional concept of a city; it embodies the vision and compassion of a monarch for the present and future of Bhutan. Rooted in trust and the unwavering faith of a sovereign in his people, the GMC represents an enduring economic beacon, poised to guide Bhutan through the ages.

In the spirit of His Majesty’s vision, those at the forefront of the GMC endeavor must exhibit boldness and astute timing. Every Bhutanese citizen must be galvanized by focus, determination, and a profound sense of confidence. Leadership must be assumed at every level, with resilience, patience, and audacity characterizing our collective approach. We must embrace innovation and dare to tread uncharted paths, unafraid of setbacks but resolute in our resolve to rise and learn from our experiences. Creativity, innovation, and a revolutionary spirit are indispensable traits in driving the nation forward.

Furthermore, the dawn of the New Year calls for an outpouring of enthusiasm, unwavering dedication, and unyielding resolve. Above all, we must rally unwaveringly around His Majesty the King, drawing strength and inspiration from his steadfast leadership.

The year of the Dragon is a platform for us to inscribe a legacy of progress, unity, and prosperity as we embark on this transformative journey together.