Bhutan Himalayan Holdings to recruit 50 engineers

The new venture will solely manufacture construction materials

Much to the relief of many engineering graduates looking for jobs in the market, a new company, Bhutan Himalayan Holdings (BHH), will be recruiting 50 engineers, and another 100 more in the second batch.

The Chairman of BHH, Pema Gyeltshen, 38, an entrepreneur and a former civil servant from Trashiyangtse, said the company will manufacture construction materials and is all set for an ambitious and courageous venture in the world of construction.

He said the intake at the first phase was announced only for 44 engineers but considering the total turnout of applicants almost nearing 300, the company decided to take in 50 engineers.

 Meanwhile, the recruitment process of the engineers will be done today at the conference hall of the Royal University of Bhutan.

BHH is a sole-proprietorship venture with an investment of about Nu 450mn.

Prior to the establishment of the company, its founder and chairman Pema Gyeltshen had done two years of extensive research and background before beginning this endeavor.

He added that the company has the same organizational features as of any corporate entity. The company will follow the Build Owned Operate and Transfer (BOOT) model.

Pema Gyeltshen said the ideological backbone of BHH is to promote the production of our own construction materials using advanced technology and enhance the attainment of self-reliance in terms of many construction materials to build our own home.

Meanwhile, the company has classified over 45 types of products, which it is targeting to launch by August.

And initially the capital investment is purely the equity of the founder, the company aims to generate money based on the sale of products and on an average the annual turnover of the company is projected to be over Nu 1bn.

The company will also target the markets in North-East India and Bangladesh, besides exploring other regional markets.

Along with mass production of construction materials through advanced technology, Pema Gyeltshen said the company will also train Bhutanese youth by imparting them the latest mechanical, technical and vocational skills thus reducing our overdependence on the foreign workforce to a minimum.

“When the workforce is purely Bhutanese, it would unexpectedly increase the living standards of the Bhutanese in general and contribute to overall socio-economic development of the country,” he added.

Chencho Dema from Thimphu