BAFRA radar over fake edible products

Though no official complaints have been lodged so far, the agency will monitor the entry of fake food products through the gates

Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) will be vigilant and take appropriate actions in order to restrict the entry of fake edible products like plastic rice, cabbage, sugar, and eggs, which have been going viral on social media.

BAFRA has already alerted its inspectors to be on the lookout for the entry of such products. Now, BAFRA which monitors foods safety in the country will be extra vigilant for the plastic products.

However, without proper mechanism to detect such products, the best that can be done right now is regular inspection.

BAFRA recently notified the general public on the concerns they raised about possibility of fake food products entering the market and asked them to be careful.

BAFRA’s Senior Food Safety Officer, Kubir N. Bhattarai said that the agency is ready to monitor the entry of such products. The agency has, however,not received any formal complaints about the products entering the country.

The Authority will also try to contact the person sharing the video of fake food products on social media to verify and authenticate. Further, it will do the visual inspection before a laboratory test. “We will not neglect people’s complaints and concerns,” said the BAFRA official.

Kubir N. Bhattarai said that though the products are on social media, no government agency in other countries has confirmed them.

“But we cannot ignore. It can be true. We will ensure whatever comes will be safe to consume,” he said adding that though the authority is not sure about the taste of these products, it can pose high risks to consumer health.

People claim that fake food products are now easily available in India and can enter the Bhutanese market soon. Some Bhutanese have also posted videos of plastic cabbage on social media.

Meanwhile, BAFRA is cautioning people to remain vigilant and test suspicious products. If they suspect fake food products, they can approach the nearest BAFRA office or contact BAFRA’s toll free number: 155.

Krishna Ghalley from Phuentsholing