An educated farmer aspires for NC

An educated farmer aspires for NC

Ram Kumar Neopaney, 28, is one among 15 National Council (NC) aspirant candidates from Tsirang.

He is from Tshokhana village under Tsholingkhar gewog of Tsirang. He is one of two aspiring NC candidates from his gewog.

Ram Kumar Neopaney said he wants to contest the council elections because he wants to serve the people as a good leader.

“My intention to contest for council is deeply rooted in the interest of my people who have shown me encouragement and support,” said Ram Kumar.

He said that as a councilor he wants to be a true people’s man solely for the people’s purpose and not a politician at all. He added his participation in council would give people wider options to choose from.

Ram Kumar is currently a farmer at his village. He completed his Bachelors in political science and history from Sherubtse College in 2013. Right after graduation he ventured into farming. He grows kiwi, avocado and cardamom apart from rearing poultry.

He believes that living in the village for the last five years has helped him develop a greater social network with people on the basis of mutual existence, cooperation and relations.

“I have always remained positive and aware of issues and problems pertaining to people at the grassroots level. My effort and opportunity in identifying issues and my fluency in Dzongkha will therefore remain my strengths,” he said.

He added he expects people to choose the most capable and competent leader who would represent people at the best and serve Tsa-Wa-Sum to his or her fullest capacity.

“My weakness may be youthfulness, but I take my age as a number, never as a challenge or weakness,” he said.

Ram Kumar Neopaney said he will remain connected to people throughout his tenure.

“Every law and Act revised, enacted and implemented will be informed to the general public beforehand in which I will be different as opposed to the serving candidate.”

He said if he is elected he will bring Tsirang increased agro-based industries and Tsirang should witness the rise of eco-tourism.

“Tsirang deserves a college too,” he added.

“I shall give my people a voice, a voice that will make a difference.  As a farmer, I have felt the need to pass bills like a crop protection bill if it has ever existed,” he said adding that he would suggest to unemployed youth to take up farming as an option for employment.

“Educated farmers can revolutionize farming and agriculture in the country with the use of modern techniques and ideas,” he said, “Together we can fulfill the national goal of self reliance.”

Dechen Dolkar from Thimphu