All women vying for Gup’s office through the Dhamngoi Zomdu in T/gang

The third Local Government Elections will be held on December 22

All three women candidates in Trashigang, who are contesting for the post of Gup in the upcoming Local Government Elections from their respective chiwogs, have made through the Dhamngoi Zomdu (the selection of candidate).

The three women are candidates from the gewogs of Shongphu, Bidung, and Udzorong. All three had earlier served as mangmi after winning in the 2016 Local Government Elections.

Meanwhile, Dendup Dema, 38, won against two male opponents with a total votes of 238, while her opponents secured 160 votes and 91 votes respectively from a total voter turnouts of 489 in Changme chiwog.

She said that she easily managed through the first round and is hoping the same in the final round too.

 Dendup Dema will compete with two male opponents, one from Galing chiwog and another from Shongphu chiwog, during the upcoming Local Government Elections for the post of Gup of Shongphu gewog.

 Similarly, Pema Yangkey, 35, from Lemphang chiwog, won with 35 ‘Yes’ votes and 10 ‘No’ votes with a total of 45 voter turnouts in the chiwog.  

Pema Yangkey will have to compete with three male opponents for the post of Gup of Bidung gewog.

Meanwhile, there was no candidate for the post of Mangmi from Lemphang chiwog.

After having attended training and gaining work experience as a Mangmi, Pema Yangkey said she was encouraged to contest for the post of Gup.   

“This time could be more challenging as votes will be divided among the four of us,” she said. 

And from 291 voter turnouts in Chiya chiwog, Pema Yangden defeated her male opponent after getting 182 votes against her opponent’s 109 votes.

Pema Yangden will now compete with her opponent from Barkazor chiwog (former Gup) for the post of Gup of Udzorong gewog.

 Meanwhile, the Dhamngoi Zomdus are held so that voters can cast their votes to select their nominees from their respective chiwog. 

Candidates who have made through the Dhamngoi Zomdus will have 26 days for campaign and they can begin campaigning from November 25 till December 20. 

Tenzin Lhamo from Trashigang