Days leading to the middle of the last month of the year has been significant in many ways. The closing session of the 8th session of the Third Parliament was graced by Their Majesties, the King and Queen. Apart from other Acts of national significance, the session saw the adoption of the historic Gyalsuung Bill.

Leading to the observation of the Nation’s 115th National Day celebrations, several programs have been initiated; those that showcase the transformation of the nation, especially in terms of technology. In what we could not have imagined a decade back, students from the Gyelpoishing College of Technology are literally playing with science and technology, with one having developed a program whereby a driver need not go around looking for a parking. The availability of a parking can be displayed and known by the driver, using technology.

We will also be seeing the journey that cottage and small industries (CSI) have made till date, as their exhibition unveils today (December 10, 2022).

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister (PM) in his State of the Nation address spoke about Bhutan’s challenges and opportunities. Economy took the center stage with the PM saying that the economic goal is to increase foreign reserves. This directly translates to increasing and diversifying exports and bringing inward remittances.

Amidst all this, commissioned by the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC), the Royal Institute for Governance and Strategic Studies (RIGSS) completed the Executive Eligibility Assessment (EEA) for P1 Management officers. From the 230 officers who participated, 74 officers were shortlisted for the final round assessments and 34 were identified as the most outstanding and promising group of officers. According to the RCSC, these outstanding officers will be subsequently put on stretch assignments and expanded roles to further test their suitability for Executive-level positions.

It is difficult to pick the most important event from the above. All are equally significant. However, when weighed from the transformation lens, the conduction of the Executive Eligibility Assessment is another momentous occasion. Though there has been no instances of anyone being “managed out,” 34 have been graded extraordinary. It is a good number and it shows that there are civil servants who can take larger roles; those meant for executives. If the grapevine is to be believed those in the outstanding group are already waiting for additional and higher responsibilities. They believe that they can do what their seniors are currently doing and that they have been waiting for this opportunity.

To sum up the week, the PM in his State of the Nation Address and the National Assembly’s Speaker in his closing remarks, reminded us about what and who is Bhutan’s brand, soul and strength – His Majesty the King. We should never forget this.

The transformation continues and so do the assessments. And seeing young civil servants in lower positions, eagerly waiting to take on different and important tasks could not have made the week better.