Six more to go

A resounding debut

BTP secures 17 seats, learns crucial lessons for the future and provides a fresh narrative for the Bhutanese polity

In its groundbreaking political odyssey, the Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) marked a resounding debut achieving a remarkable milestone by securing 17 seats of the maximum 47 possible. While the outcome may not have fully met expectations, the party is celebrating its unprecedented success in making it to the general round, marking a historic achievement in the nation’s democratic journey.

The jubilation, however, is tinged with a sense of reflection and contemplation as the BTP faces the challenge of analyzing the factors that led to losses in certain constituencies, particularly in the southern and western regions. Despite earnest efforts, the party is grappling with identifying specific shortfalls that contributed to their inability to clinch victories in these crucial areas. “We worked hard to win but the outcome wasn’t as expected,” the elect Opposition Leader, Dasho Pema Chhewang said.

Addressing the setback, a party spokesperson stated, “We are disheartened by the loss of some of our deserving, capable, and experienced candidates. However, we respect the people’s decision and are committed to understanding the dynamics that influenced the outcome in different regions.”

When questioned about the perceived weak points of the BTP, the spokesperson asserted, “As far as the BTP is concerned, we don’t have any weak points. We fought hard, but it’s the general will of the people that forms the basis of any government, and we honor that.”

Acknowledging the need for introspection, the BTP outlined several lessons learned from the election. One prominent realization was the party’s complacency in the face of false allegations and accusations, to which they did not adequately respond. Additionally, being a new entrant in the political arena, the BTP highlighted challenges in penetrating grassroots communities and the constant struggle for funding. The party emphasized the importance of adapting quickly to changing circumstances.

Looking ahead, the BTP is determined to serve as a robust opposition force, ensuring that the government operates within the laws of the land and promotes good governance. The party aims to engage in constructive and responsible debates in the parliament, offering alternative solutions and policies to address national issues. Despite setbacks, the BTP expressed its commitment to supporting the government in fulfilling the royal vision and aspirations of the people, promising full cooperation during external threats, natural calamities, or crises.

As the BTP emerges as a formidable opposition, Bhutanese citizens and political observers await the unfolding of this new chapter in the nation’s political narrative.

Sangay Rabten from Thimphu