A reality game show Saya Dakpo ‘The Bhutanese Millionaire’ to begin by April

A reality game show Saya Dakpo ‘The Bhutanese Millionaire’ to begin by April

A reality game show, Saya Dakpo, ‘The Bhutanese Millionaire’ is planning to break the common trend that has been taking place with the same content and format. The show is set to begin by April this year.

Samuh and Bhutan National Bank Limited (BNBL) plans on breaking that trend, giving Bhutanese audiences something new, a reality show that has never been done before in Bhutan.

This show is owned and designed by Samuh Mediatech and made available to the general public through BNBL’s mobile banking application MPay.

Besides keeping the audience engaged by entertaining and testing the knowledge, the director for the customer experience, BNBL, Dorji Namgyal Rinchen said that the other objective is to create space for people.

“It is mainly to promote the trend of digitalization,” he said. 

The chief executive officer of Samuh, Nyema Zam, said that over the years, many reality shows have been introduced in Bhutan with different files but with the same content and formats.

She said, “Everybody was doing what everybody does,” adding that BNBL thinks beyond banking to engage the all-age audience.

Powered by BNBL, MPay reality shows have been gaining a lot of popularity in Bhutan. However. the current shows only feature music and dance, which cater to a niche audience. 

Players can test their knowledge and use the Wheel of Luck, which has eight lucky signs, to become the first-ever Saya Dakpo of Bhutan. This unique combination of knowledge and luck will surely provide an engaging experience for viewers of all ages.

Interested participants can register with the MPay app by paying Nu 100 as a registration fee. 100 lucky registered participants will be shortlisted for a chance to participate in the game show.

With a similar registration process, in the audience game, one lucky person will be awarded Nu 20,000 weekly after successful submission. The participant will have to pay a registration fee of Nu 25.

“Saya Dakpo – The Bhutanese Millionaire,” is designed to test the knowledge and luck of contestants. The show includes eight levels of 15 questions, with a grand prize of Nu. 1,000,000 making it the first of its kind in Bhutan. No tax will be deducted from the prizes according to the organizers.

With a Knowledge-Based Quiz format, presented in both Dzongkha and English, the show will be for a duration of three months with 24 episodes.

Samuh, the concept designer of the show, has collaborated with BNBL as the main show partner. All show registration and Saya Dakpo audience games are integrated exclusively on BNBL MPay, which is an added convenience for all participants.  The show is co-sponsored by Respect, Educate, Nurture, and Empower Women (RENEW) and the healthcare partner MIOT International Hospital in Chennai. 

Sangay Rabten from Thimphu