A passion for being a YouTuber

A passion for being a YouTuber

Many kids are venturing into video-making on the sidelines of their studies

Gone are the days when kids, even grown-ups, were fond of listening to bedtime stories from their parents. Gone are the fantasies when children would have merry-making time by playing moon games and cakes.

Today, kids are smarter and look for logic and argue about things. These smarties know the difference between a candy and a toffee. They cannot be wooed and are always ready to use a phone and jump into the world of YouTube.

“This is what my mother often tells me. Today’s kids are amazing, as she finds kids like me striving for a difference. She is always ready with a story of her childhood whenever she watches my short videos using a laptop and smartphone,” Kezang Dorji said.

At 25, Kezang Dorji, who is an employee of Bhutan Development Bank is driven by his love for producing video content. He has dedicated his past years to learning the art of Music Television and Video (MTV) production on his own with excitement.

“By learning video graphics whenever I found time, I made a few music videos with already existing songs and added them to my YouTube channel, through which I earned sufficiently,” he said adding his mother loves it.

“I have learned video graphics within a short period and started making short videos. Now it is my production, which is in the present widely known as The Garab Production,” he said.

In addition, Kezang Dorji said he expanded his production by producing music content for enthusiastic Bhutanese youths. As of now, he has produced a total of ninety music videos.

“Most of the video, content are new songs composed by passionate individuals, which combines both visual and audio elements to fully engage a specific audience and take them on a journey with the help of creative and technical manipulation,” he shared.

Kezang said that he faced challenges to complete his desired video content, which almost took weeks or months. “I make sure the content reaches the soul of the viewer. In that way, I make a path for his future accomplishments,” he said.

From this, he wishes to create a better platform for passionate individuals to come through their talents. “Since video is one of the most successful forms of media used today to engage, inspire or educate a viewer, I plan to initiate authenticate and new content which can not only inspire passionate and enthusiastic individuals to come forward in bringing new content but it will also ultimately let the youth engage in fruitful social lives than creating nuisance in the society,” he said.

During the expansion of his production house, he plans to recruit individuals who want to enhance their video production skills. “This will not only help the individual in enhancing the knowledge of different phases of video production before being finalized and also will earn for their livings,” he said.

He added that such a platform will give every individual an opportunity to contribute to video production, making it easier for the young passionate to become social influencers.

“If I can do, everyone can,” he said, adding he strongly believes that coming forward is the key to achievement. Now, Kezang is confident to bring something new to videos and YouTube channels and influence all Bhutanese.

Further, as an emerging video producer and for visibility of his content, he considers social media platforms to reach passionate individuals.

Sherab Dorji from Thimphu