A former journalist to contest from Dagana

Determined that he can bring a difference in the community, district and for the nation, a former journalist from Bhutan Broadcasting Service, Surjaman Thapa, is one of the latest candidates who has come out as a National Council (NC) aspirant candidate from Dagana.

The 32-year-old from Trashithang village, Gesarling gewog in Dagana, reasoned that the NC as the house of review is the ideal place for him at this juncture.

“The decision was made after the people from my Dzongkhag started to show their trust and faith in me; my families and well-wishers also encouraged me,” he said, adding that he had always been keen to participate in the council elections.

Surjaman Thapa is a graduate in mass communication and journalism from St Joseph College in Darjeeing, India, and had completed his graduation in 2009. He is also a recipient of gold medalist in mass communication from his college in 2007.

Prior to joining politics, Surjaman Thapa worked with Bhutan Broadcasting Service for eight years, serving mostly in Thimphu and Trongsa.

As a journalist, he described having the privilege to attend several sessions of the parliament to cover news stories, besides other international seminars.

“This chance has made me understand the roles, responsibilities and the functions of National Council to a large extent,” he said, adding that the opportunity to meet people from various walks of life have made him understand their situation, working environment and improve his skills in the field of politics.

“All these factors have made me feel that I can comfortably be a part of National Council and serve the people. I am also happy to know that there are many aspiring candidates from Dagana. This is really going to give a chance for the people to have a better choice in the community,” he said.

According to him, the post of a National Council member is a crucial one given his/her needs to study and analyze everything. NC has a big role to play in the house where laws, rules and acts are formulated; moreover after formulating the bigger task is to inform the same to the public.

“I am confident that this will be fulfilled at the first instance,” he said. “If laws passed or bills adopted today fail, it will affect generations in future.”

He added that people of Dagana are well aware of the roles and responsibilities of a NC member and that he doesn’t think he will have to promise much to them if elected.

“It will be my duty to serve them as per their wish. I wish to serve the people of my community and serve them in a different way to bring them to the level of everyone. I am confident that I will bring the changes that will help everyone in the community and the country,” he said.

However, Surjaman Thapa says that he doesn’t mean that the past members have not done enough till now.

“NC being a house of review, there are many things that need to be looked upon and to be reviewed in the laws, acts and rules,” he added.

Meanwhile, Surjaman Thapa is hopeful that he would get support from the people of Dagana and that the public of Dagana will support and give chance to him to serve them at his best capacity.

“At this moment, I am not opposing the past member, but giving the people a choice so that people can elect the best candidate that would suffice their needs in the community,” he added.

Dechen Dolkar from Thimphu