A civil engineer among NC aspirants from Samtse

Resolute in his belief that he can bring positive developments in his community, a 28-year-old civil engineer is one of the aspiring candidates who would be contesting in the upcoming National Council (NC) elections from Samtse this year.

Ugyen Lama, who worked as a project engineer with M.T.K Construction Private Limited in Wangduephodrang from 2015 to 2017 after graduation from the College of Science and Technology, believes his small effort of being people’s representative could bring difference in the lives of people in the Dzongkhag.

If elected, Ugyen Lama plans to resolve the issues of rural-urban migration, unemployment and promote agricultural activities in Samtse.

“This can be done by improving local economic development and bridging the gap between local production and urban marketing, which means reviewing necessary policies and framework for such inclusive growth,” he said.

As he considers himself as someone with good education and connected with the grassroots, Ugyen Lama is confident that people will have easy access to share their grievances with him which could be then taken forward.

“Being apolitical, I would put forward the perspective of the young population so that there is a representative outlook on issues of national importance,” he said.

The civil engineer, who is from Tading gewog in Samtse, also plans to support unfortunate children in the society and bring inclusive growth in the community and rural livelihood enhancement through agricultural productivity.

Ugyen Lama said he also aspires to bridge the gap between the national polices and the public.

“It would be incorrect to make pledges of bringing development that would change the face of my community given the fact that the mandate of NC is something different from that of a political party candidate,” he added.

According to Ugyen Lama, he had also been deeply involved with the community to help the ones in need and contributed to the society in resolving social issues like providing necessary support to orphans and school going children, constructing water tank to solve drinking water problem, arranging chairs and tables for the villagers in the community, or amicably settle fights between youths and provide them necessary support to bring them back to the correct path whenever we found them going astray.

Ugyen Lama said having served as a chairman of his community has given him experience with which he plans to contest in the upcoming elections.

“I was also inspired by His Majesty’s vision of mass participation in the democratic process. I wish to contest for the NC in order to fulfill His Majesty’s vision of mass participation in democracy,” he added.

Krishna Ghalley from Phuentsholing