273 at DANTAK area tested for COVID-19

273 at DANTAK area tested for COVID-19

Two hundred and seventy three people in the DANTAK area in Phuentsholing were tested for COVID-19 yesterday after completing their 35 days of cordoning off.

Last month the COVID-19 technical task force team identified DANTAK area as red zone after detecting more number of positive cases from the area.

The cordoning off started from September 3.

Initially the team had decided to test people after 21 days of cordoning off but the cordoning period was extended by another 14 days.

Health Minister Dechen Wangmo said that the cordoning off was extended by another 14 days because of the high risk and number of cases increasing.

“Everyone was very cooperative,” Lyonpo said.

Lyonpo mentioned that the test results for 273 people in the DANTAK area being tested after completing their cordoning off period would be out by late Friday or early Saturday.

DANTAK was declared as red zone and has been cordoned off, since there were several number of cases from DANTAK cluster area. In this area people are not allowed to come and go.

They will be test with antibodies test and RT-PCR test.

The task force team has decided to test if there are symptomatic people.

However, during the time of cordoning in the area no single symptomatic person was reported.

As of Friday, of the total cases detected there were 304 positive of which 81 are from DANTAK and IMTRAT area.

So far 30 IMTRAT officials and 51 DANTAK officials were detected positive. The 51 DANTAK officials detected positive was during the national lockdown.

On October 4, 10 new cases were detected from the IMTRAT area and all of them are male aged 26 to 47 years. They are primary contacts of earlier cases.

The area was declared as red zone on September 30 following the detection of six positive cases on September 29. Six men aged 24 to 42 tested positive from a follow up mass screening of IMTRAT Cantonment, Phuentsholing. The Cantonment was under self quarantine.

On September 26, two IMTRAT officials, both men, tested positive in Phuentsholing during the routine screening of travelers from high risk to low risk areas.

“If we have a very good surveillance system we can implement smart lockdown, if the surveillance is week we cannot implement smart lockdown.”

Lyonpo said that surveillance right now includes flu clinic. “If there are symptomatic people in the population we pick them from the flu clinic and hospital. Every patient and attendant in the hospital and health workers are being tested on a routine basis and frontliners are also being tested routinely.”

Lyonpo also mentioned that so far 3,000 people have moved from high risk to low risk areas. “Data we get from flu clinic is encouraging. So far around 2,000 people have done antigen testing in flu clinics,” said Lyonpo.

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Dechen Dolker from Thimphu