188 graduates receive joint diploma certificate during RITH’s 2nd Convocation ceremony

188 graduates receive joint diploma certificate during RITH’s 2nd Convocation ceremony

The Royal Institute for Tourism and Hospitality (RITH) hosted its Second Convocation ceremony in Thimphu, coinciding with its foundation day, on October 15.

The occasion was graced by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and was attended by officials and relevant representatives from both governmental and private organizations, including representatives from Bhutan and Austria.

During the convocation ceremony,188 graduatesreceived their joint diploma certificate in Tourism and Hospitality from the Ministry ofLabour and Human Resources and the Institute of Tourism and Hospitality, Salzburg, Austria.

Meanwhile, the institute began its first academic journey on August 2, 2010 with a total of 50 students. The institute was renamed as the Royal Institute for Tourism and Hospitality (RITH) in 2010.

Her Majesty the Queen Mother DorjiWangmoWangchuck inaugurated the instituteon 15th October, 2011.

Meanwhile, RITH is the first institute of its kind established in Bhutan under the auspices of the Royal Government of Bhutan and the Federal Government of Austria with the commitment to advance professional training and education in the Bhutanese Tourism and Hospitality industry.

The institute partners with University of Applied Science and Tourism Schools, Salzburg, Austria to provide a two-year diploma program in tourism and hospitality studies with a foresight to upgrade into undergraduate studies in the future. Besides, the Institute is also responsible for providing continuing education and training to the existing industry professionals.

In 2015, RITH became fully accredited to the University of Applied Science in Salzburg, Austriaand Department of Occupational Standard under MoLHR.

Every year RITH enrols 50 students and they get accommodation.

“As the nature of the tourism and hospitality industry needs a lot of practical experience, 25 studentsare in the practical training facilities at any given time. The presence of banquet and hotel facilities along with the requirement of students to serve any meal of the day as part of their credits will also reduce the burden on the available class rooms. The employment rate of RITH graduate is around 95% given the practicality of the training,” states the press release from RITH.

Meanwhile, 362 studentshave graduated from RITH till date.

The Chairperson of the Tourism Council of Bhutan, Lyonpo (Dr.) TandiDorji and the entire faculty and staff of RITH and TCB congratulated all the graduates.

Tshering from Thimphu