The End is the Nation’s Victory

The latest in Bhutan’s political development has been Dasho Pema Chewang, Secretary, National Land Commission (NLC) declaring that he is resigning to join politics. A new political party with Dasho Pema Chewang as President will join five(registered) parties to contest in the 2023 elections.

Some say  this is a huge number compared to our size and population. But democracy is about choice. If number of parties are controlled, people will not have an alternative to vote for and thus stick with the same party.

From what Dasho Pema Chewang had to say, we gather that discussions were held and some of the important works completed. Thus, the theory that a group cane together and overnight decided to form a party holds no water. And no sane person would do that.

Some even ask why people leave their jobs, especially important and powerful ones to join politics as there is no guarantee of winning. And these are questions that prick us. While we would have loved to hear this from the protagonist himself, we can also think about some factors.

As Bhutan undergoes a major transformation in all fields, a strong government with capable people having all traits of a 21st century person from thoughts to conduct is required. Perhaps, it is a reason. And there will be more.

Making a decision, especially to join politics is not easy. And being the party’s president is challenging. Thus, to resign from a secretary’s post requites a lot of self contemplation.

The people of Bhutan should also be proud. Since 2008, we have seen many people leave their secure jobs seeking a place in politics. Those economically health need not think much. But when you are a parent, living in a rented apartment without any assets, immovable or movable, you ought to think very seriously while diving into the political pool.

And when we see the likes of people leave their jobs and join politics, we are reassured that there are people willing to sacrifice their comforts for politics and ensure that the gift from the golden throne has immense value. It reminds us of what His Majesty frequently says about the Bhutanese strength and capability.

Meanwhile political experts say that with the coming of the new party, Bhutan’s political dynamics will change, too. One shared that political parties may need to rework on whatever they have done till date.

On the other hand, accusations are rife about coordinators and supporters of one party switching allegiance to another party. There is nothing that can be done. The fact that 2023 may see five or more parties fight is also indication that democracy is becoming vibrant. Every party needs 47 candidates and it is reassuring to know that capable candidates are there.

At the end only two parties will be elected. And it is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that they vote for the right candidate or party; as ultimately the nation should win.