Phongmey residents await a new bridge

The people of three chiwogs of Phongmey gewog in Trashigang are looking forward to the construction of a bridge over the river Gamri in Trashigang.

Over the past decades, about 360 households of the three chiwogs of Yabrang, Phimsong and Thongrong were separated from the gewog center by the river Gamri. While the villages are connected by Rangjung-Thrakthri road, there was no road connecting the villages directly with the gewog center.

Though the gewog received a farm road of a 4.7km to the river from both the gewogs and the villages, the gewog is still waiting for the bridge by the river Gamri to connect these three chiwogs with the gewog centre.

Without a bridge by the river Gamri, villagers from these chiwogs have to drive through Rangjung and Radi to avail public services.

Using Rangjung-Thrakthri road however is a detour for the villages, facing the gewog center from the other side of the river.

Otherwise, there is only a track between the villages and the gewog and a suspension bridge to cross over.

However, Phongmey gup, Palden Dorji said the new farm road would immensely benefit villagers on the other side of the river. “Otherwise, it becomes difficult for villagers to seek services from the gewog center,” he said. “Villagers have to drive for two to three hours via Rangjung to get here.”

He said the construction of a bridge is included in the gewog’s 12th plan activities. “We are expecting to get a new bridge by the river Gamri by 2020.”

He said that crossing river Gamri during the summer is impossible and bears huge risks. “All problems will be solved once the bridge is complete, the bridge will be a blessing for the villagers.”

Further, the gup said that the bridge is very important for any development activities in the gewog.

Sangay, a villager from Thongrong said it normally takes more than three hours to reach the gewog center on foot. “It is difficult for villagers to practice agriculture and livestock related activities in particular.”

Meanwhile, the gewog is planning to construct a temporary bridge by the river Gamri till the gewog gets a new bridge.

Pic courtesy: Phongmey Forest Beat Office

Jigme Wangchen from Phongmey, T/gang