Going beyond the Royal Birth

Going beyond the Royal Birth

At around 1145 hours on September 9, 2023, Bhutan experienced a moment that transcended the ordinary—a moment that etched itself into the nation’s collective memory. The revelation of a new addition to the royal lineage, a radiant princess, brought the entire nation to a standstill. Within seconds, the digital airwaves reverberated with waves of elation, as social media platforms lit up with fervent prayers and heartfelt congratulatory messages for Their Majesties. It ignited a collective flame of joy, celebration, and unity that burned bright in the hearts of all Bhutanese.

The arrival of Gyalsem can be viewed through various lenses—spiritual, rational, and scientific. It can be analyzed from diverse perspectives. However, irrespective of the viewpoint, one undeniable truth stands: a new member, a princess, now graces the halls of Lingkana Palace. Bhutan prayed for Gyalsem; Bhutan aspired for Gyalsem. And with the birth of Gyalsem, those aspirations were fulfilled, and joy overflowed. In essence, our parents, Their Majesties the King and Queen, have added a new member, a sister, to the Bhutanese family.

Another simple reality that we must acknowledge is the challenges Bhutan faces. His Majesty, as our guardian and parent, has been tirelessly seeking sustainable solutions to the nation’s problems, sacrificing all comforts and unstintingly moving around. Uncertainty and anxiety had loomed over us. However, on the morning of September 9, a sacred shower quenched the desert of our worries. Our hearts held nothing but joy. After a long time, a united Bhutan celebrated together. Royal births, like soothing balms, infuse nations with hope and optimism. This moment embodied divine grace, a manifestation of blessings in countless forms. The entire nation resonated with newfound opulence and spiritual elation. Bhutanese citizens celebrated this sublime occasion in myriad ways—some illuminating the sanctity of their homes with the gentle glow of butter lamps, offering fervent prayers.

We can only begin to imagine the joy Their Majesties experienced, especially His Majesty. It was a profoundly special moment, a respite, even if temporal, from the weight of responsibilities.

Gyalsem’s arrival coincides with a transformative period in Bhutan’s history, replete with challenges. Her birth is an auspicious indicator that Bhutan will navigate turbulent waters with grace. Within our Royal Family, we find the embodiment of Tara—Jetsun Droelma, revered as the Wisdom Goddess, the Embodiment of Perfected Wisdom, the Goddess of Universal Compassion, and the Mother of all Buddhas. As Gyalsem grows, Bhutan’s wisdom and compassion will also flourish. In the not-so-distant future, we will witness Gyalsem gracefully engaging with state guests, including princesses from other countries.

From a spiritual perspective, Gyalsem was born in the Year of the Rabbit, symbolizing peace and patience. The water element signifies tapping into inner wisdom and trusting instincts. This combination underscores the importance of relationships, diplomacy, and building bridges, both professionally and personally. Rabbits, considered the luckiest of all zodiac animals, embody peace, compassion, intelligence, loyalty, generosity, honesty, and wit. Buddhists designate the seventh month as a month of joy.

On June 14, 2023, Their Majesties shared the delightful news of an imminent addition to the royal family—a third child, destined to grace our world with the arrival of autumn. We prayed and waited, and on September 9, 2023, a special jewel landed in Drukyul. This birth signifies continuity, blessings of peace, and the promise of prosperity.

This euphoria underscores the collective merit and good fortune of the Bhutanese people. While every human birth is precious, the birth of a royal family member is a gem beyond compare.

What truly matters is that we and the world are blessed.  As an Indian tourist aptly remarked: “It is not just Bhutanese who are blessed. The whole world is blessed, for an extraordinary human being has been born in Bhutan—for the whole world.”

Ugyen Tenzin from Thimphu