DNT expects to win in 25 constituencies: President

At Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa’s (DNT) campaign in Lhuentse on October 3, the party president, Lotay Tshering said that according to the party’s calculation, it expects to win in at least 25 constituencies.

“I am optimistic that DNT will win the general elections but the supporters of PDP and BKP will decide the end results,” he said.

He said that the ones who supported the two parties DNT and DPT in the primary election will support the same party in the general election too.

“There will be minimal changes in the number of both DNT and DPT supporters in the general election but the supporters of PDP and BKP will decide which parties will form the government and the opposition.”

He also said that while DPT won 22 constituencies in the primary round, DNT came second with minimum vote difference. “In areas where DNT had won, DPT came third in position with huge vote differences and where PDP had won, DNT was second.”

Although Lotay Tshering said the success of the party in the general election will depend on those who supported PDP and BKP in the primary election, he said many of those supporters have switched their support toward DNT.

Meanwhile, the President thanked the people of Gangzur-Minjey constituency for giving DNT the only win in the eastern region. “The constituency being the birthplace of monarchy, it is an auspicious sign that the better results will come in favor of DNT from east in the general election.”

During the campaign in Lhuentse, he said that one of the rising issues in the country is youth problems. “Many youths without a proper job are engaging in bad companies and those youths are mostly class X dropouts who couldn’t qualify for government schools,” he said. “If DNT gets a chance to form the government, students who have at least managed a pass mark will be given an opportunity to study till class XII.”

However, the President said that DPT has been criticizing DNT’s pledge of doing away with the class X cut off point and raising the minimum basic education level to class 12 as unconstitutional. “We have consulted the judges who were involved in drafting the constitution and they said there is no problem.”

At the meetings in the Dzongkhag, the President also pledged to narrow the gap through better and improved health facilities in the country, raising the level of basic minimum education, and providing incentives for mothers to breastfeed their children for the first six months.

He said that the huge support for DNT in the primary elections shows the fact that health services in the country need to develop and improve as health care remains the party’s first priority.

Lotay Tshering also urged the audience to listen to both the parties’ pledges carefully and to vote for the party which they find will benefit them and the nation as a whole.

One of the attendees, a driver from Lhuentse said he was particularly in favor of the party’s pledge to improve and develop healthcare-related services. “When my wife had to get hospitalized for treatment, it was very difficult to get checkups on time and we had to wait for long periods of time to meet with the doctor for checkups.”

Moreover, he said that he had to go to the hospital time and again just to get a test result. “During the campaigns we need to listen carefully to the pledges and understand them well so that we can choose the best government.”

Another observer said that both parties’ pledges seem to be practical. “Now it is our duty to choose the best party.”

Lotay Tshering completed his campaign in the east with three meetings in Lhuentse on October 3.

Jigme Wangchen from Lhuentse