Apropos to “Eight youth claim of being conned in Siliguri” that appeared in Kuensel newspaper on October 5th 2018 and more than 600 Bhutanese youth trapped in a Ponzi scheme in Siliguri by the Bhutanese newspaper on 10/06/2018, it has been found out that the name of the company, Arch Trademark Pvt Ltd, has been maligned without contacting us and without any proof, and just based on some hearsays by the media.

Therefore, I Kavita Tamang running the proprietary business by the name and style of Arch Trademark Pvt Ltd, at India would like to state and bring into your attention of the followings:

I am running the proprietary business by the name and style of Arch Trademark Pvt Ltd,. My primary business is the supply of readymade garments at a wholesale rate for retail selling to various to various distributors and small businessmen. The said garments are procured directly from the manufacture at Delhi and other parts of India.

Apart from this, I also provide a motivational training course to candidates interested in entering into the Retail business regarding the manner and the process in which the retail business is to be conducted. This is seven days course and there is no promise made to the candidates enrolling for this training regarding any future employment with Arch Trademark after the complication of the training. This fact is evident from the Agreement signed by the candidates at the time of their enrolment before the initiation of training .It is true that a sum of Rs 1000/= is charged as fees for the training .There is no provision for providing any lodging and fooding to the trainees which must be arranged by themselves.

Therefore, the luring of any youth with promise of high paying jobs in the business is false, baseless and concocted.

It is a fact that some of the trainees after the training continue their association with the business as purchasers of ready-made garments at wholesale rate which they in turn sell at retail price in the open market. The profit made by them is their own. They are charged only for the garments supplied to them at wholesale rate which they sell on retail at a price fixed by them. The failure of to succeed in their own business is not my responsibility merely because the training was provided by us. The success of one’s business depends on one’s own acumen and not on anyone’s complaint that the goods if was supplied or the training in itself was substandard .Be it pertinent to mention here that there are many trainees who have excelled in business after the training and have flourished in their business.

It is also to deny that any tiered system of scheme of investment was provided to the trainees and there was also no scheme where any person was paid for referring any candidate for training. There was also no policy or promise to induct the trainees as employees in the business. The documents relating to my client business and the Agreement signed by the trainees, enclosed herewith, will show the actual state of affairs.

I, therefore deny all allegations made by the alleged victims regarding investment of money in the business or of any promise of employment in the business to the trainees. I vehemently and categorically deny receiving any money apart from the training fees of Rs 1000/= from the trainees.

It may be mentioned here that the publication of the articles relating to the allegation in the newspaper and the social media without verifying the true facts was unwarranted and a breach of faith and responsibility of the duty of the media and this has maligned the reputation, name and goodwill of my company. As duty of the media, both Kuensel newspaper and the Bhutanese newspaper have not published our clarification which we sent to them. I hope Business Bhutan Media and Broadcasting would look into publishing our stand and clarification.

Lastly, my company reserves the right to seek damages for defamation, an option which I may choose to take recourse to in the near future against any person found to be liable.

Kavita Tamang, C/O Arch Trademark Siliguri, West Bengal, India